Meta Quest 3 Specification and Release Date

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Meta Quest 3 Specification and Release Date

Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiasts and tech aficionados have a reason to celebrate – Meta's latest creation, the Meta Quest 3, is set to redefine the VR experience. This advanced headset promises to take VR to the next level with its enhanced specifications, mixed-reality features, and sleek design. In this comprehensive blog post, we will dive deep into the Meta Quest 3, covering everything from its release date and price to its specs, key features, and the pros and cons you should consider before making a purchase decision.

Meta Quest 3

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Virtual Reality has come a long way, and Meta (formerly Facebook) has been at the forefront of this revolution. The Meta Quest 3 is the company's latest offering, building upon the success of its predecessor, the Quest 2. With the Quest 3, Meta aims to provide users with a more immersive and seamless VR experience.

Meta Quest 3 Launch & Release Date

Launch & Release Date

The Meta Quest 3 was officially launched on September 27, marking an exciting moment for VR enthusiasts. Pre-orders for this cutting-edge headset began immediately, with shipments expected to start on October 10, 2023. This means that you can get your hands on the Meta Quest 3 sooner than you think and experience the future of VR.

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To truly understand the capabilities of the Meta Quest 3, let us take a closer look at its specifications:


In the United States, the Meta Quest 3 is available in two storage options:

  • 128GB model: Priced at $499
  • 512GB model: Priced at $649

While the Quest 3 is $200 more expensive than its predecessor, the Quest 2, it comes with several noteworthy upgrades that justify the price difference.

Meta Quest 3 Specifications


The Quest 3 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, delivering twice the graphics processing power compared to the Quest 2. This means smoother and more realistic VR experiences.


With 8GB of RAM, the Quest 3 surpasses the Quest 2's 6GB. While it falls short of the 12GB offered by the Meta Quest Pro, it still ensures efficient performance and multitasking capabilities.


The Quest 3 features the 4K+ Infinite Display, utilizing two LCDs with an impressive resolution of 2,064 x 2,208 pixels per eye. This represents nearly a 30% increase in resolution compared to the Quest 2, resulting in breathtaking visuals.

Full-color Pass through

One of the standout features is the full-color passthrough powered by two RGB cameras. While it slightly reduces the resolution compared to virtual Reality, it offers over 10x more pixels than the Quest 2, providing an exceptional mixed-reality experience.

Meta Quest 3 Key Features

Refresh Rate

The Quest 3 boasts a native 90Hz refresh rate with an experimental 120Hz option. Although it does not reach 144Hz, the current refresh rates ensure smooth and immersive gameplay.

Field of View

With a 110-degree horizontal and 96-degree vertical field of view, the Quest 3 provides an expansive and realistic view of your virtual world.

Battery Life

The Quest 3's battery life remains on par with the Quest 2, offering approximately 2.9 hours of usage. Quick charging capabilities mean it can be fully charged in just two hours.

Backward Compatibility

Owners of the Quest 2 will be pleased to know that the Quest 3 maintains backward compatibility, allowing you to access your existing VR content seamlessly.

Eye Tracking

Unfortunately, the Quest 3 does not feature eye tracking, a feature available on more advanced headsets.

Pros & Cons

Key Features

The Meta Quest 3 comes packed with features that enhance your VR experience:

Slimmer Design

Meta has reimagined the Quest 3 with a 40% slimmer visor profile, thanks to innovative pancake optics. This sleek design enhances comfort during extended VR sessions.

Lens Distance Adjustment

The Quest 3 includes a Lens Distance Adjustment Wheel, allowing for precise interpupillary distance (IPD) fine-tuning. The headset supports an IPD range of 53 mm to 75 mm, eliminating the need for additional inserts.

Enhanced Audio

The Quest 3's audio range is 40% louder than the Quest 2, offering 3D spatial audio with enhanced clarity and bass. There is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack for those seeking an even more immersive audio experience.

Controller Improvements

The Quest 3's Touch Plus controllers have been redesigned for improved ergonomics and feature TruTouch haptics for a more realistic experience. However, they rely on disposable AA batteries, with a charging dock available separately.

Mixed Reality Capabilities

A headline feature of the Quest 3 is its mixed reality capabilities facilitated by full-color video passthrough. This allows users to switch between immersive VR content seamlessly and augmented reality (AR) experiences with holographic overlays.

Automatic Playspace Scanning

Thanks to six advanced camera sensors, the Quest 3 can automatically scan your playspace in 3D, identifying walls, floors, furniture, and other surfaces. This feature enhances mixed reality experiences and ensures your safety while in VR.

Access to Content

The Quest 3 provides access to the Quest 2's extensive library of content, with over 100 new Quest 3 apps and upgraded Quest 2 apps coming soon. Additionally, it offers PC VR compatibility with Windows PCs through Quest Link and Air Link.

Meta Quest Plus Subscription

Users can subscribe to Meta Quest Plus, a VR gaming subscription service that offers two curated games each month for $7.99.

Pros & Cons

Before making a decision, it is essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the Meta Quest 3:

Cutting-edge specifications for a more immersive VR experience.

Full-color passthrough and mixed reality capabilities.

Access to a vast library of VR content.

Automatic playspace scanning enhances safety and mixed reality experiences.

Sleek and comfortable design.

Higher price point compared to the Quest 2.

Lack of eye tracking, which some advanced headsets offer.

Touch Plus controllers rely on disposable AA batteries, although a charging dock is available.

The Meta Quest 3 represents a significant leap forward in the world of VR. Its enhanced specifications, mixed reality capabilities, and user-friendly features make it a compelling choice for VR enthusiasts. While the higher price may deter some, the Quest 3 is poised to deliver a VR experience like no other. As the VR landscape continues to evolve, Meta's commitment to mixed Reality ensures that the Quest 3 is an investment worth considering. So, gear up and prepare to embark on an unforgettable VR journey with the Meta Quest 3.


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