LG G2 77 - Elevating Your Entertainment Experience

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LG G2 77 - Elevating Your Entertainment Experience

In the ever-evolving world of home entertainment, LG has consistently been at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of technology and design. Their latest offering, the LG G2 77-Inch OLED EVO Gallery Edition Smart TV (OLED77G2PUA), is a true testament to their commitment to innovation. With its stunning visuals, cutting-edge technology, and smart features, the LG G2 77 is poised to redefine your TV-watching experience. 

LG G2 77 Specifications

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In this comprehensive review, we will delve into its specifications, key features, pros and cons and compare it with similar items in the market.



Let us kick off our exploration of the LG G2 77 by taking a closer look at its specifications:

πŸ’šScreen Size: At a whopping 77 inches, this TV ensures an immersive cinematic experience.

πŸ’šDisplay Technology: OLED technology delivers exceptional contrast and vibrant colors thanks to its self-lit pixels.

πŸ’šResolution: The LG G2 77 boasts 4K resolution, ensuring crystal-clear visuals.

πŸ’šRefresh Rate: With a 120Hz refresh rate, you can expect smooth motion and reduced motion blur.

πŸ’šAI-Powered: The TV is powered by the Ξ±9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K, which adapts to the content you are watching, optimizing picture and sound quality.

πŸ’šSmart Features: It comes with built-in access to popular streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV, Disney+, and more.

πŸ’šGaming Optimizer: Gamers will appreciate the LG Game Optimizer mode with NVIDIA G-SYNC, FreeSync Premium, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for an improved gaming experience.

LG G2 77 Key Features

Key Features

The LG G2 77 is loaded with standout features that set it apart from the competition:

🠞OLED Evo Gallery Design: Its sleek and slender design allows it to hang closely to your wall, resembling fine art. It blends aesthetics with function seamlessly.

🠞Infinite Contrast: With 8 million self-lit pixels, the TV achieves deep blacks and crisp contrast, enhancing the viewing experience.

🠞Filmmaker Mode: This mode eliminates unnecessary processing for movies, preserving the director's intended vision.

🠞Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos: These technologies enhance every moment of your viewing experience, providing stunning visuals and immersive audio.

🠞Voice Control with Alexa: The TV supports Alexa Built-in, allowing you to control your smart home, play music, and more with voice commands.

LG G2 77 Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Now, let us weigh the pros and cons of the LG G2 77:

Stunning OLED display with infinite contrast

AI-powered processor for optimal picture and sound

Smart features with access to popular streaming services

Gaming optimization for a smoother gaming experience

Sleek and stylish design

Price may be prohibitive for some buyers

Large screen size may require ample wall space

Complex features may take time to explore fully


Compare with Similar Items

To provide a well-rounded perspective, let us compare the LG G2 77 with similar items in the market:


1. Sony A80J 77-Inch OLED TV: 

The Sony A80J offers OLED technology and 4K resolution. It also boasts a competitive gaming mode. However, it may have a higher price point than the LG G2 77.

Sony A80J 77-Inch OLED TV
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Key Features

🟒Cognitive Processor XR: Intense contrast, pure blacks, and natural colors.
🟒XR Triluminos Pro: Billions of accurate colors for stunning visuals.
🟒XR OLED Contrast: Lifelike brightness and deep OLED contrast.
🟒Google TV Integration: Access 700,000+ movies seamlessly in one place.
🟒BRAVIA Core Streaming: Exclusive high-quality movie streaming for cinematic experiences.
🟒HDMI 2.1 Enabled: Next-gen gaming with 4K/120Hz and reduced input lag.
🟒Works with Alexa: Convenient control through voice commands with Alexa.
🟒Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround: Immersive, multidimensional sound experience.
🟒Dual Actuator Audio Production: Nuanced and impactful audio performance.
🟒Slim Design and OLED Technology: Sleek, modern aesthetic with impressive visuals.


2. Samsung QN90A 75-Inch Neo QLED TV: 

The Samsung QN90A offers Neo QLED technology, impressive brightness, and Quantum HDR. It excels in bright room performance but might not match the LG G2 77's OLED contrast.

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Key Features

🟒Quantum Matrix Technology: Mini LEDs for intense 4K UHD contrast.
🟒Neo Quantum Processor 4K: AI-based deep learning transforms content to 4K.
🟒Quantum HDR 32X: Mesmerizing, realistic colors with spectacular clarity.
🟒Object Tracking Sound-Plus: Immersive audio that follows on-screen action.
🟒Motion Xcelerator Turbo-Plus: Fluid 4K at 120Hz for smooth motion.
🟒Alexa Built-In: Voice control for apps, channels, and smart devices.
🟒Tizen-Powered Smart TV: Access apps, streaming, and smart devices.
🟒Multiple Voice Assistants: Choose from Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant.


3. LG C1 77-Inch OLED TV: 

This is a sibling model to the G2, offering similar OLED technology and AI processing. It may be a more budget-friendly alternative.

LG C1 77-Inch OLED TV

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Key Features

🟒OLED Display: Over 8 million pixels for perfect black and rich colors.
🟒α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K: Automatic picture and sound adjustment.
🟒Game Optimizer: Fast gaming speeds with low input lag.
🟒Google Assistant & Alexa Built-In: Voice control for convenience.
🟒Home Cinema Experience: Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos.
🟒Game Optimizer: Faster access to game settings.
🟒Auto Low-Latency Mode: Ensures low input lag.
🟒webOS + ThinQ AI: Smart features with Magic Remote.
🟒Infinite Contrast: Each pixel independently turns on and off.
🟒Filmmaker Mode: Watch movies as directors intended.


Customer Reviews from the United States

Username: MG

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have had this 77 Inch LG G2 OLED TV for 3 months now, and it has been nothing short of amazing! As a gaming enthusiast, I use it for playing PS5 games both online and offline, and it excels in every way. The game optimizer feature allows me to fine-tune settings on the fly, and the response time and frame rate are outstanding. The contrast and vivid colors make gaming an immersive experience. The TV even maintains a frame rate of around 119 FPS, which is impressive. Movies also look stunning with rich visuals and automatic HDR and Dolby Vision detection. I can confidently say this TV is a gamer's dream and a movie lover's delight!

Username: Loki&Rocket

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

I had a challenging experience with the delivery and return process for the LG G2 77-inch TV. The initial order confusion resulted in a duplicate TV delivery. However, the picture quality and features of the TV are superb once I finally set it up. I encountered issues with certain apps and had to rely on my Firestick for some content. The remote's "scroll-select" button was problematic for me due to hand disabilities, and the auto-mouse feature could not be disabled. Despite these challenges, the TV itself is impressive once you overcome the initial hurdles.

Username: r&ek

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My experience with the LG G2 77-inch OLED TV and Amazon's delivery service was fantastic. The TV was delivered on time by professional drivers who took great care in handling it. Setting up the TV, including wall mounting, was made easy with the help of YouTube how-to videos. The OLED screen is gorgeous, and the picture quality lives up to my expectations for an LG OLED TV. Overall, this TV exceeded my expectations, and I am thrilled with my purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the key features of the LG G2 77-inch OLED TV?

The LG G2 77-inch OLED TV boasts a range of impressive features, including its OLED display technology for stunning picture quality, Dolby Vision and HDR10 support for enhanced visuals, and a sleek design with a thin bezel. It also offers a gaming mode for an optimized gaming experience, AI-powered upscaling for improved content quality, and LG's WebOS for smart TV functionality.

Q. Does the LG G2 77-inch TV come with a wall mount or pedestal base?

The LG G2 77-inch TV does not include a pedestal base. Instead, it comes with a no-frills wall mount, allowing you to easily mount the TV on your wall for a clean and modern look. If you prefer a traditional stand, you may need to purchase one separately.

Q. What audio capabilities does the LG G2 77-inch OLED TV have?

While the LG G2 TV offers decent built-in speakers, to fully complement its stunning visual experience, it is recommended to pair it with a high-quality surround sound system, including a subwoofer. This will deliver immersive and rich audio to match the exceptional picture quality.

Q. Can I control my other devices, like a TiVo box, with the LG G2's Magic Remote?

The LG G2's "Magic Remote" is designed to control the TV and navigate its apps efficiently. While it can recognize and control some external devices, its functionality may be limited to specific commands, like those for a TiVo box. You may need to use additional buttons or on-screen menus to control such devices, which can be less convenient.

Q. How does the LG G2 77-inch TV compare to other smart TV platforms like Roku or Android TV?

The LG G2 TV runs on LG's WebOS platform, which offers a user-friendly smart TV experience. However, some users find platforms like Roku and Android TV to be more intuitive and versatile. If you prefer a different smart TV platform, you can connect external streaming devices like Roku or Nvidia Shield to the LG G2 for a more familiar interface and app selection.



In conclusion, the LG G2 77-inch OLED TV is a remarkable piece of technology that delivers exceptional visual experiences with its OLED display technology, Dolby Vision and HDR10 support, and AI-powered upscaling. Its sleek design with a thin bezel adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the inclusion of a wall mount ensures versatile installation options.

While the built-in speakers offer decent sound quality, the LG G2 truly shines when paired with a high-quality surround sound system, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

The Magic Remote, although not perfect for controlling external devices like TiVo boxes, excels in navigating the TV's functions and apps efficiently. However, users who prefer alternative smart TV platforms such as Roku or Android TV can easily connect external streaming devices for a more tailored experience.


Final Thoughts:

The LG G2 77-inch OLED TV is a top-tier choice for those seeking a visually stunning and immersive viewing experience. Whether you are a cinephile, a gamer, or simply looking for a high-quality television, the LG G2 will not disappoint. Its combination of cutting-edge display technology, thoughtful design, and smart TV features makes it a compelling option in the world of large-screen TVs. Just keep in mind the need for external audio equipment for the best audio experience and the potential reliance on external streaming devices if you prefer a different smart TV platform. Overall, the LG G2 stands as a testament to LG's commitment to innovation in the realm of home entertainment.


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