Police Body Camera | CammPro I826 Review

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 Police Body Camera | CammPro I826 Review

CammPro I826, a state-of-the-art police body camera, redefines the standards of law enforcement and surveillance technology. Boasting a 1296P HD resolution, 128GB memory capacity, and advanced features like night vision and GPS functionality, the I826 is a reliable, portable solution designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals in the field.

Police Body Camera

Police Body Camera - CammPro I826

Reasons to Buy


Reasons to Avoid

Ample Storage Capacity
Crystal-Clear Resolution
Robust Night Vision
Durable, Waterproof Design
Extended Battery Life


Potential Password Issues
Limited Software Compatibility

CammPro I826

CammPro I826 is a cutting-edge police body camera designed for law enforcement, military, and public service use. With its robust features, the I826 stands out as a reliable tool for recording interactions and gathering crucial video evidence at crime scenes. Built with a 128GB large memory capacity, this body-worn camera ensures ample storage for extended working days. The device boasts a 1296P HD resolution, equipped with high-intensity infrared LEDs for clear night vision up to 50 feet in pitch-black darkness.

The CammPro I826 is powered by the Ambarella A7LA50 chipset, offering a remarkable 11 hours of continuous video recording. Its waterproof and shockproof design makes it suitable for various work environments, ensuring durability in challenging conditions. The camera also features GPS functionality, allowing for the embedding of time, police ID, camera ID, and GPS coordinates as watermarks on the footage.

CammPro I826

1296P HD Resolution

The CammPro I826 excels with its 1296P HD resolution, providing exceptional clarity in video recordings. This high-definition capability ensures that every detail is captured accurately, making it a valuable tool for law enforcement professionals. The camera's 2-inch LCD monitor allows for instant playback of previous recordings, enhancing situational awareness and evidence review. With a wide 140° field of view, the I826 captures all situations with precision, making it an indispensable asset for those requiring top-notch video quality.

In addition to its impressive resolution, the camera features infrared 10-meter night vision, capturing visible face images even in low-light conditions. The Ambarella A7 chipset further enhances the video encoding capabilities, supporting H.264 compression for efficient storage without compromising quality. The CammPro I826 sets a high standard for video resolution in the realm of body-worn cameras.

128G Memory Capacity

The CammPro I826 comes equipped with a generous 128GB memory capacity, providing ample space to store all captured videos during extended working days. This large storage capacity ensures that users can rely on the camera to document and secure crucial footage without the need for frequent data transfers or deletions. The simplicity of data management is emphasized, eliminating the need for additional drivers or software for basic operations.

Whether used in law enforcement, security, or personal applications, the 128GB memory capacity of the I826 enables users to focus on their tasks without concerns about running out of storage space. This feature contributes to the camera's user-friendly design, allowing for seamless recording and easy access to stored video files.

128G Memory Capacity

Waterproof Design

The CammPro I826 is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, featuring a waterproof design that adds a layer of reliability for users operating in challenging environments. This feature ensures that the camera remains operational even in adverse weather, making it suitable for outdoor use and various field applications. The waterproof design is a critical aspect of the camera's durability, offering peace of mind to users who rely on its functionality in rain, snow, or other wet conditions.

The robust construction of the I826 extends beyond water resistance, encompassing shockproof capabilities to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments. This combination of features makes the CammPro I826 a dependable tool for professionals who require a durable and weather-resistant body camera.

Premium Portable Body Camera

The CammPro I826 stands as a premium portable body camera designed for law enforcement, security guards, and personal use. Its compact and lightweight design enhances user comfort, ensuring that it remains unobtrusive during wear while providing a powerful recording capability. The portability of the I826 makes it an ideal companion for professionals in the field, allowing them to document incidents and interactions without hindrance.

The premium build quality of the body camera is complemented by its user-friendly features, including a 2-inch LCD monitor for instant playback and a one-button operation for simplicity. The inclusion of an epaulet clip and a charging dock further enhances the convenience of carrying and charging the device, making the CammPro I826 a go-to choice for those seeking a high-quality and portable body camera solution.

Premium Portable Body Camera

Audio Recording Wearable

The CammPro I826 goes beyond visual documentation with its audio recording wearable capabilities. Designed to capture not only video but also audio, this body-worn camera ensures a comprehensive record of events and interactions. The inclusion of audio recording adds an extra layer of detail to the footage, providing a complete picture of situations and enhancing the overall utility of the device for law enforcement and security applications.

The wearable design of the I826 makes it a versatile tool for professionals who require both visual and audio documentation in their line of work. Whether used in police operations, security surveillance, or personal safety, the audio recording wearable feature of the CammPro I826 contributes to its status as a reliable and multifunctional body camera.

Night Vision Capability

The CammPro I826 excels in low-light conditions with its impressive night vision capability. Equipped with high-intensity infrared LEDs, the body camera ensures clear and detailed footage even in pitch-black darkness. The 1296P HD recording, coupled with the advanced night vision technology, extends the camera's functionality to 50 feet, providing a crucial advantage for law enforcement and security professionals operating in challenging environments.

The night vision capability of the I826 enhances situational awareness during nighttime operations, ensuring that users can rely on the camera to capture critical details in a variety of lighting conditions. This feature makes the CammPro I826 a valuable tool for 24/7 surveillance and documentation.

GPS for Law Enforcement

The CammPro I826 is equipped with GPS functionality, adding a layer of accountability and precision to its recordings. The embedded GPS allows for the watermarking of footage with accurate longitude and latitude coordinates, along with time, police ID, and camera ID. This GPS capability enhances the evidentiary value of the recorded content, providing law enforcement professionals with a reliable tool for documenting and verifying the location and timeline of incidents.

The integration of GPS in the I826 aligns with the specific needs of law enforcement, ensuring that recorded footage can be used not only for visual and audio evidence but also for establishing a clear and accurate context of events. The GPS feature contributes to the camera's effectiveness in legal and investigative applications.

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Battery Life

Up to 11 hours (at 720p)

Up to 11 hours (at 720p)

Up to 14 hours

Up to 14 hours

Main Chip

Ambarella A7

Ambarella A7

Ambarella H22

Ambarella H22


Infrared Light

Video Encoding





Pre-event Recording

Customer Reviews from the United States

Happily Married Man
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: May 29, 2019
Comment: This camera exceeded my expectations with its massive 128GB capacity, powerful 3500mAh battery, and superb night vision. The variety of video settings, clear audio, and one-touch features make it a standout device. While I faced challenges with GPS signal pickup, the outstanding customer support, including assistance from William, Hannah, and Kochi, resolved the issue promptly. The rich feature set and excellent support make this camera a valuable investment.

Sam A.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: February 16, 2022
Comment: Living in an area plagued by unleashed dogs, this body camera proved perfect for personal use. Its easy clip-on design, clear night sight, and comprehensive audio recording provide essential evidence. The camera's simplicity, durability, and fair pricing make it a reliable solution, ensuring legal coverage and incident documentation.

Jaziah Albo
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: November 26, 2023
Comment: Utilizing this body camera for private security over eight months, it has proven durable with a battery lasting a full 12-hour shift. The recommendation for a magnetic mount enhances its usability. A testament to its functionality in demanding situations, the camera stands out as a reliable tool for those in the security field.

The Yeti
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Date: November 8, 2020
Comment: This camera impresses with its rugged design, decent video quality, and effective night vision. However, the battery drain issue and standby charge falling short of the stated 11 hours are drawbacks. Ease of use is a bit challenging, but the overall durability and footage quality make it a good choice, especially for outdoor use.

Gabriel Poling
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: January 3, 2024
Comment: A valuable investment for small law enforcement agencies, this body camera offers simplicity and excellent video quality. The camera's features, coupled with the ease of downloading and managing files, make it a practical choice. While lacking vibration reminders, the camera's overall functionality and price point outweigh this minor drawback.

Seven Scale
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: August 31, 2023
Comment: Purchased for personal safety, this body camera serves its purpose seamlessly. Clipping it on and recording day-to-day activities provides a sense of security. The seller's prompt response regarding the reset button issue showcases excellent customer support. A reliable tool for staying safe in various situations.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: January 10, 2023
Comment: Despite initial issues, the clarity and quality of this body camera stood out. While facing challenges turning it off, the replacement process and the subsequent improved performance highlighted the effectiveness of the device. Easy operation and high-definition video quality contribute to overall satisfaction.


CammPro I826 emerges as a robust and feature-rich body camera, celebrated for its extensive storage, clear resolution, and durability. Positive user experiences highlight its effectiveness in diverse scenarios, backed by responsive customer support. A reliable choice for law enforcement, security, and personal safety needs.

People Also Ask

Does the CammPro I826 come with a warranty? 

Yes, the CammPro I826 comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Can the body camera be submerged in water? 

While the camera is described as waterproof, it is not recommended for complete submersion. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions but should not be soaked.

What video encoding does the camera use? 

The CammPro I826 uses H.264 video encoding for efficient compression and storage of high-quality video footage.

How do I handle password-related issues with the camera? 

In case of password-related challenges, the user can follow specific troubleshooting steps provided in the manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Is the CammPro I826 compatible with Mac computers? 

The management software for the camera supports Windows computers only. For Mac users, alternative solutions may be explored for video file management.

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