Buying Guide: Philips Air Fryers

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Buying Guide: Philips Air Fryers

Air fryers have become increasingly popular for their ability to cook crispy and delicious meals with significantly less oil than traditional frying methods. Among the various brands available, Philips stands out as a trusted name in kitchen appliances. 

Philips Air Fryer

If you're considering a Philips Air Fryer, this buying guide will help you navigate through the options based on the information provided.


1. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL (HD9650/96)


✅Fat Removal Technology
3lb/7qt Capacity
Rapid Air Technology
Digital Display
Keep Warm Mode
5 Cooking Presets
NutriU App Compatibility

Pros & Cons:

🟒Family-sized capacity
🟒Advanced cooking technology
🟒Convenient digital display
🟒NutriU App for enhanced cooking experience

πŸ”΄Higher price point
πŸ”΄Price: $215.00 (List: $349.95)


2. Philips Essential Airfryer XL (HD9270/91)


2.65lb/6.2L Capacity
Digital Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology
Starfish Design
Easy Clean Basket

Pros & Cons:

🟒Ample cooking capacity
🟒Starfish design for even cooking
🟒Easy to clean

πŸ”΄Moderate number of features compared to premium models
πŸ”΄Price: $170.89 (List: $199.95)


3. PHILIPS 3000 Series Air Fryer Essential Compact (HD9252/91)

PHILIPS 3000 Series Air Fryer Essential Compact (HD9252/91)


13-in-1 Cooking Functions
4.1L Capacity
Rapid Air Technology
Up to 90% Less Fat

Pros & Cons:

🟒Compact design
🟒Versatile cooking functions
🟒Healthy cooking with reduced fat

πŸ”΄Limited cooking presets
πŸ”΄Price: See options


4. PHILIPS Essential Connected XL (HD9280/91)


2.65lb/6.2L Capacity
Digital Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology
Wi-Fi Connected (Kitchen+ App)
Alexa Compatible

Pros & Cons:

🟒Smart connectivity
🟒Compatible with Kitchen+ App and Alexa
🟒Compact design

πŸ”΄Slightly lower customer rating
πŸ”΄Price: $199.95


5. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology (HD9630/98)


Fat Removal Technology
Large capacity
Advanced cooking features

Pros & Cons:

🟒Effective fat removal technology
🟒Large capacity for family-sized meals

πŸ”΄Higher price point
πŸ”΄Price: $161.70


Tips for Choosing the Right Philips Air Fryer:

Consider Capacity: Choose a size that suits your household needs.
Advanced Features: Evaluate if you need features like smart connectivity, additional cooking presets, or fat removal technology.
Budget: Balance your preferences with your budget, as higher-end models tend to have more features.
Customer Reviews: Consider the experiences of other buyers to ensure the air fryer meets your expectations.
Warranty: Check the warranty offered for each model to ensure long-term satisfaction.


Other competitors with the brand


Philips Air Fryers

Ninja AF150AMZ

Nuwave Brio



Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL
Nuwave Brio 15.5Qt Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven

Price Range

$109.99 to $215.00

$159.99 (See details)

$189.99 (See details)


Varies (3lb to 6.2L)

5.5 Qt.



Rapid Air Technology, Fat Removal Technology (Premium XXL)

Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate (Ninja AF150AMZ)

Rapid Air Technology, 1800W (Nuwave Brio)

Cooking Presets

Varies (5 presets in Premium XXL)

Chef-Inspired Recipe Guide (Ninja AF150AMZ)

8 Preset Menus (Nuwave Brio)

Smart Connectivity

NutriU App, Wi-Fi Connected (Essential Connected XL)



Customer Ratings (Amazon)

4.4 to 4.7 stars

4.7 stars

4.4 stars

Additional Features

Keep Warm Mode, Starfish Design, NutriU App (Premium XXL)

Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket & Crisper Plate (Ninja)

Reversible Ultra Non-Stick Grill/Griddle Plate (Nuwave)

Availability of Offers/Coupons


Save $10.00 with coupon (Ninja AF150AMZ)

Save $15.00 with coupon (Nuwave Brio)


Not specified

Not specified

Not specified



Philips Air Fryers stand out as a top choice for those seeking efficient, versatile, and healthy cooking alternatives. With advanced technologies, diverse models, and a reputation for quality, Philips consistently delivers appliances that make the process of air frying enjoyable and rewarding.


FAQs about Philips Air Fryers:

Q. Is it worth buying a Philips Airfryer?

Yes, Philips Air Fryers are known for their quality, advanced technology, and innovative features, making them a worthwhile investment for those seeking a healthier cooking alternative.

Q. Does Philips make the best Airfryer?

Philips is recognized as a leading brand in the air fryer market. Their models often feature advanced technologies like Rapid Air, Fat Removal, and Smart Connectivity, making them among the best in the industry.

Q. Which is the best Philips Airfryer?

The best Philips Airfryer depends on individual preferences and needs. The Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology (HD9650/96) is highly rated for its large capacity, digital display, and NutriU App compatibility.

Q. What is the best Airfryer to buy?

The best Airfryer to buy depends on your specific requirements. Philips, Ninja, and Nuwave are popular brands. Consider factors like capacity, technology, and additional features when making your decision.

Q. How do Philips Air Fryers work?

Philips Air Fryers use Rapid Air Technology to circulate hot air around the food, cooking it with a minimal amount of oil. This results in a crispy layer while reducing overall fat content.

Q. Are Philips Air Fryers easy to clean?

Yes, many Philips Air Fryer models, like the Essential Airfryer XL (HD9270/91), feature a dishwasher-safe basket and components, making cleaning convenient.

Q. Do Philips Air Fryers come with a warranty?

Warranty details may vary by model. It's recommended to check the product specifications, but many Philips Air Fryers typically come with a limited warranty.

Q. Are there any promotions or discounts available for Philips Air Fryers?

Yes, promotions and discounts may be available, especially during sales events. It's advisable to check the latest offers on retail websites or directly on the Philips official website.

Q. Can I cook a variety of dishes in a Philips Airfryer?

Yes, Philips Air Fryers offer versatility. With different cooking presets and technologies, you can fry, roast, bake, grill, and even dehydrate a wide range of dishes.

Q. Are Philips Air Fryers suitable for a large family?

Yes, Philips offers models with varying capacities. The Premium Airfryer XXL (HD9650/96) with a 3lb/7qt capacity is particularly suitable for larger families.

Q. Do Philips Air Fryers consume a lot of electricity?

Philips Air Fryers are designed to be energy-efficient. While specific power consumption varies by model, they generally use less electricity than traditional cooking methods.

Q. Can I use Philips Air Fryers for reheating leftovers?

Yes, Philips Air Fryers are suitable for reheating leftovers. They efficiently use hot air circulation to revive the crispiness of the food without overcooking.



Innovative Technology: Philips Air Fryers utilize advanced technologies such as Rapid Air and Fat Removal, ensuring efficient and healthier cooking by circulating hot air.

Versatility at its Core: With various models offering different capacities and features, Philips Air Fryers cater to diverse cooking needs, from frying and roasting to baking and grilling.

Trusted Brand: As a renowned kitchen appliance brand, Philips is synonymous with quality and reliability, making their Air Fryers a popular choice among consumers.

User-Friendly Designs: Many Philips models feature user-friendly designs, including dishwasher-safe components, making cleaning and maintenance hassle-free.

Nutrient-Preserving Cooking: The unique cooking method of Philips Air Fryers helps preserve nutrients in food, allowing users to enjoy flavorful meals with reduced oil content.

Smart Connectivity: Some Philips Air Fryers, like the Essential Connected XL, offer smart connectivity, enhancing the cooking experience through features like Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with smart home devices.

Family-Sized Options: From compact designs to family-sized capacities, Philips Air Fryers provide options suitable for both individuals and larger households.

Energy-Efficient: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, Philips Air Fryers deliver optimal cooking results with minimal electricity consumption.

Sleek Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, Philips Air Fryers boast sleek and modern designs, adding a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

Healthier Living: By promoting a healthier cooking approach, Philips Air Fryers empower users to enjoy their favorite dishes guilt-free, making them a valuable addition to a balanced lifestyle.


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