OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Review | CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter

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 OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Review | CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter

Upgrade your in-car experience with the OTTOCAST U2-X Pro, a cutting-edge CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter that seamlessly brings the convenience of online navigation, music streaming, and voice assistance to your vehicle. This plug-and-play device is designed for both Android and iPhone users, making it an ideal choice for families with multiple smartphones or business professionals on the go.

OTTOCAST  CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter


Model: CPA300 C
Weight: 5 grams
Connector Type: USB 2.0
Color: Black
Compatibility: Android 11 and above, iOS 10 and above (some Samsung and Google phones)
Warranty: One Year
Supports Bluetooth: Yes

Specifications OTTOCAST U2-X Pro

Reasons to Buy

🟢Universal Compatibility
🟢Easy Setup
🟢Enhanced Performance
🟢Brand New System Design
🟢Reliable After-Sale Service

Reasons to Avoid

🔴Limited Video Functionality
🔴Specific Android and iOS Requirements

Reasons to Buy and Avoid

Key Features

Dual Compatibility: Supports both Android Auto and CarPlay.
USB Plug and Play: No additional apps or complex installations required.
Fast 5G WiFi Connection: Enables quick and seamless connectivity.
Optimized System Design: New interface, multi-function button, and settings menu for enhanced user experience.
Wide Car Model Compatibility: Suitable for various car brands and models from 2016 to 2022.
Bluetooth Support: Enables hands-free calling and audio streaming.
OTA Upgrade: Allows for convenient firmware updates.
Voice Assistant Integration: Utilize Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free control.
Customizable Settings: Adjust audio/video streaming modes and system preferences directly.
Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 5 grams for easy handling.
Professional After-Sales Support: Online Q&A and technical guidance provided.
One-Year Warranty: Ensures product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Key Features OTTOCAST U2-X Pro

Compare with the similar items

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Car Adapter for Android Car Radio

Upgrade your car's infotainment system with the Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Car Adapter, offering seamless connectivity for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With low power consumption and advanced features, this 2-in-1 dongle transforms your driving experience.

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Car Adapter for Android Car Radio

Key Features

Android & Apple Compatibility: Supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
Low Power Consumption: Efficient operation for prolonged use.
Plug & Play: Easy installation without additional complexities.
Screen Mirroring: Mirror your phone's display on the car screen.
OTA Update: Stay up-to-date with the latest firmware.
Google Maps Integration: Access Google Maps for navigation.
Bluetooth Connectivity: Enables hands-free calling and audio streaming.
Compact Design: Dimensions of 7.09"L x 1.57"W x 0.51"H.
Prerequisite Check: Ensures compatibility with Android head units.
Special Bluetooth Feature: Enhanced connectivity technology.

OTTOCAST Wireless CarPlayAdapter for iPhone 

Revolutionize your in-car entertainment with the OTTOCAST Wireless CarPlay Adapter. Upgrade from wired to wireless CarPlay effortlessly, enjoying a superior connection, low latency, and a native CarPlay experience. Compatible with a wide range of car models, this adapter takes your driving to the next level.

OTTOCAST Wireless CarPlay Adapter for iPhone

Key Features

Wireless CarPlay Conversion: Eliminates the need for a physical connection.
Easy Installation: Plug into the car's USB port for instant upgrade.
Auto Connection & No Lag: Seamless and responsive performance.
Native CarPlay Experience: Supports Voice Control, Siri, navigation, and more.
Wide Car Model Compatibility: Works with over 600 car models.
5GHz WiFi: Faster and more stable wireless connection.
Low Latency: Ensures minimal delay in audio and connectivity.
Online Updates: Keep the system up-to-date with online upgrades.
Bluetooth & USB Connectivity: Dual data link protocols.
Compact Design: Dimensions of 2.2"L x 2.2"W x 0.6"H.

Carlinkit 3.0 WirelessCarPlay Adapter USB 

Experience the convenience of wireless CarPlay with the Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter. Ideal for cars with factory wired CarPlay, this adapter seamlessly connects to your iPhone, providing an effortless and wireless CarPlay experience.

Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter USB

Key Features

Wireless CarPlay Conversion: Effortlessly upgrade from wired to wireless.
Supported Vehicles and Phones: Compatible with iPhone 5 to 14 Pro Max.
Automatic and Wireless Connection: No need for a USB cable.
Plug-and-Play Solution: Easy installation and automatic connection.
WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity: Ensures a stable connection.
Superior Compatibility: Works with most aftermarket car radio brands.
Lifetime Technical Support: 1-year worldwide warranty and free updates.
Dashboard Mount Included: Convenient mounting option.
No Tesla Support: Not compatible with Tesla vehicles.
No Android Auto Support: Designed exclusively for CarPlay.

Customer Reviews from the United States

Katrina Patterson
Title: Amazing!
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: December 15, 2022
Comment: I successfully used this on a 2018 Toyota Camry. This plug-and-play solution added wireless Android Auto when I had given up hope for a cheap Android solution. The system is responsive and integrates perfectly with the factory head unit. Very impressed with the quality of the Toyota's screen. Wireless Android Auto has its quirks, but this device is as reliable as any other, probably better than some car systems.

Title: Works exactly asexpected -- wireless Carplay is great!
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: February 28, 2023
Comment: Surprised at how easy it was to set up and how well it works. Takes a bit to boot up, but not bad. Some lag in music controls, but similar to a built-in wireless Carplay in a rental car. Doesn't drain the phone battery too much. Freedom of not plugging in the phone is great, and still can plug it in for longer trips. Overall, a positive experience.

Final Note

Upgrade your car experience with the OTTOCAST U2-X Pro, a revolutionary CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter. Seamlessly integrating with a wide range of car models, this plug-and-play device offers wireless connectivity, quick setup, and reliable performance. Enhance your driving with advanced features and convenience.

People Also Ask

Is OTTOCAST U2-X Pro compatible with all car models?

It is designed for OEM wired CarPlay cars, model years 2016-2022, supporting various brands.

Does it work with both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, it supports Android 11 and above, iOS 10 and above, ensuring compatibility with a range of smartphones.

Can I watch videos using OTTOCAST U2-X Pro?

No, it does not support video playback. It is primarily designed for navigation, music, and voice assistance.

What is the setup process like?

The U2-X Pro adopts a USB plug-and-play design, seamlessly connecting to your phone when you start your car.

Is it suitable for older car models?

It is designed for model years 2016-2022, ensuring compatibility with a range of modern cars.

Can I use voice control with OTTOCAST U2-X Pro?

Yes, it supports voice control with Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free operation.

Does it require additional apps for installation?

No, it does not need additional apps. The plug-and-play design eliminates the need for complex installations.

Is OTA upgrade available for the device?

Yes, it supports OTA upgrades, allowing users to conveniently update the firmware for improved performance.

What is the warranty period for OTTOCAST products?

OTTOCAST's products are covered by a one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Can I use the U2-X Pro with multiple smartphones?

Yes, it is suitable for families with both Android phones and iPhones, accommodating various users in the same vehicle.


Seamless Connectivity: OTTOCAST U2-X Pro ensures a smooth and hassle-free connection, enhancing your in-car experience with seamless CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled wires. U2-X Pro brings wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for physical connections and enhancing the overall convenience.

Quick and Easy Setup: The USB plug-and-play design makes installation a breeze. No need for additional apps – simply connect, and you're ready to go.

Universal Compatibility: Designed for OEM wired CarPlay cars (2016-2022), the U2-X Pro is compatible with a variety of car models, providing a wide range of users the benefits of wireless connectivity.

Voice Control Integration: Utilize Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free control. The U2-X Pro seamlessly integrates with voice control features, ensuring a safer and more convenient driving experience.

OTA Upgrade Support: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. The U2-X Pro supports Over-The-Air upgrades, keeping your device current with the latest firmware.

Dual Compatibility: Enjoy the best of both worlds – the U2-X Pro supports both Android Auto and CarPlay, catering to users with diverse smartphones.

User-Friendly Interface: The new system design includes a multi-function button, settings menu, and an optional "Auto Connect" button, enhancing the user interface for a more intuitive experience.

Reliable After-Sale Support: With a one-year warranty, strict quality control, and a professional after-sales team, OTTOCAST ensures reliable products and excellent customer support.

Enhanced Driving Experience: From online navigation to music streaming and voice assistance, the U2-X Pro transforms your car into a smart, connected space, delivering an enhanced and enjoyable driving experience.

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