Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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 Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Microlife BPM2 Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor is a cutting-edge device designed to provide accurate and reliable blood pressure readings. With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, this monitor is an essential tool for individuals seeking to monitor their blood pressure at home.

Microlife BPM2 Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor

Overview - Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor

Gentle+ Technology Optimizes Comfort & Time: 

One standout feature of the Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor is its Gentle+ technology, which ensures optimal comfort and efficiency during readings. Unlike conventional monitors, Gentle+ technology minimizes pressure and time, enhancing the overall experience of monitoring blood pressure.

Hypertension Risk Indicator: 

The monitor includes a Hypertension Risk Indicator that interprets each reading and displays results on a simple bar graph. This visual representation compares your blood pressure to the standards set by the National Institutes of Health, making it easy to identify whether your readings fall within the normal or hypertensive range.

Hypertension Risk Indicator

Irregular Heartbeat Detection: 

An added benefit is the Irregular Heartbeat Detection feature, automatically alerting users to irregular heartbeats during measurements. This provides valuable insights and accurate readings for individuals with pre-existing irregular heart rhythms.

Wide-Range Arm Cuff Fits Arms 8.7” - 16.5”: 

The Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor comes equipped with a Sure-Fit Cuff designed to accommodate a wide range of arm sizes, from 8.7 inches to 16.5 inches. This innovative cuff combines the convenience of traditional medium and large cuffs, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for approximately 80% of adult arms.

Natural Fluctuations in Blood Pressure: 

Understanding the natural fluctuations in blood pressure is crucial for accurate readings. Microlife emphasizes the importance of measuring blood pressure in a resting state and at consistent times each day. This ensures that readings reflect an individual's true blood pressure profile.

Natural Fluctuations in Blood Pressure

How Do I Take My Blood Pressure? 

Microlife provides clear instructions on taking blood pressure measurements. Users are advised to secure the cuff on bare skin, position it over the brachial artery, and follow specific guidelines for a reliable reading. The included Quick Reference Guide offers additional assistance.

What Is Hypertension? 

The informative content delves into hypertension, explaining it as a chronic medical condition characterized by elevated blood pressure in the arteries. The role of the circulatory center in the brain, heart rate, and blood vessel width regulation is highlighted to emphasize the importance of maintaining normal blood pressure ranges.

What Do the Blood Pressure Numbers Mean?

Microlife breaks down the two numbers that constitute blood pressure readings: systolic and diastolic. This section explains their significance, with the systolic representing pressure during heart contraction and diastolic representing pressure between beats. Monitoring pulse is also emphasized.

What Do the Blood Pressure Numbers Mean?

Tips for Taking an Accurate Measurement: 

Microlife offers valuable tips for ensuring accurate blood pressure measurements. These include consistent arm usage, avoiding exertion before measurements, ensuring an empty bladder, preventing cuff interference with clothing, and maintaining a calm and quiet environment during readings.

100% U.S. Based Assistance: 

Microlife reinforces its commitment to customer support by offering 100% U.S.-based assistance. Users can access help through a dedicated hotline (1-800-568-4147) and find instruction manuals on the company's website.

Accurate, Reliable, Verified: 

Microlife takes pride in over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing medical products. The Blood Pressure Monitor is FDA 510K Cleared, clinically tested, independently validated, and designed to deliver accurate, reliable, and verified results for users taking control of their health.

Accurate, Reliable, Verified


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Customer Reviews from the United States


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: October 28, 2021
Comment: "Best connectivity to iPhone I've seen. All BPMs work pretty good. This one included, except that it may take some getting used to if you are not aware that it takes its readings in reverse to all the others I've tried. i.e. Gets the diastolic on the way up, rather than as its deflating. It very consistent. I have NO idea whether or not its accurate since I don't have access to a nurse to take my BP manually and compare it to this one."


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: January 22, 2023
Comment: "Easy to use.Easy to read the results - large print. As I suspected, readings in Drs office higher than at home or at the grocery machine. Glad I bought it, it may save me from prescription meds."

B. Hubbard

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: January 12, 2022
Comment: "After 1500 readings this monitor has earned my Five Stars. This monitor Microlife BPM2 Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor has really performed. It’s well made out of quality materials. It performs consistently, and is apparently accurate - I check monthly at my clinic. After three months continuous use, sometimes getting bumped around, it looks new... This monitor has been a truck! Works and works and works. Consistently. Batteries last. Except for sweater fuzz stuck in the Velcro, it still looks brand new. I hope this company is still making these like they made mine. Amazon’s a real crap-shoot shopping experience. This monitor has stood out as one of my best choices - deserving this edit."


Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Date: April 29, 2023
Comment: "This blood pressure device is the second one we have owned. The first one lasted for years before it failed one day. We have always had good results with it over the years that is why we ordered another one... However, the problem with the Amazon order this time was not with the device, but rather with the delivery. As a Prime member we should not have to have this type of service."

O arro

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: September 8, 2023
Comment: "This is my second,,, I only wish it had a designed hard case. Do they sell it? The pouch is convenient, but it crushes the cable. First one I got had the option of an adapter for an electric outlet. This one does not. Batteries only!"

W. D. Greason

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: August 27, 2023
Comment: "no ac adapter. I had the AC adapters from previous BP monitor. Will buy again."



In conclusion, the Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor stands out as a reliable and user-friendly device. With features like Gentle+ technology, hypertension risk indication, and irregular heartbeat detection, it offers accurate readings and convenience for users monitoring their blood pressure at home.



Q: Is the Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor easy to use?

Yes, it features user-friendly design and clear instructions for hassle-free operation.

Q: Can it be used by multiple users?

Yes, the monitor includes a switch for two users to track readings separately.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

Check with the seller for warranty details; many Microlife products typically have warranties.

Q: Is the cuff adjustable for different arm sizes?

Yes, the Sure-Fit Cuff accommodates arms ranging from 8.7" to 16.5".

Q: How many readings can it store?

The monitor can store up to 60 readings for comprehensive tracking.

Q: Does it connect to smartphones for data tracking?

The Microlife BPM2 model does not have smartphone connectivity.

Q: What is Gentle+ technology?

Gentle+ technology optimizes comfort and reduces pressure and time during readings.

Q: Can I replace the cuff if needed?

Yes, Microlife offers replacement cuffs in various sizes.

Q: How often should I calibrate the monitor?

The monitor is factory-calibrated; recalibration is typically not needed.

Q: Can I use it without batteries?

The Microlife BPM2 is battery-powered, but you can use compatible Microlife AC adapters (sold separately).



Gentle+ Technology: Microlife's Gentle+ technology ensures comfortable and efficient blood pressure readings.

Hypertension Risk Indicator: The monitor provides a clear bar graph indicating your blood pressure status compared to NIH standards.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Automatic detection and warning signals for irregular heartbeats enhance the monitor's reliability.

Sure-Fit Cuff: The adjustable cuff accommodates a wide range of arm sizes, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Accurate and Reliable: With FDA clearance and clinical validation, Microlife offers a monitor known for accuracy and reliability.

Long Battery Life: The monitor boasts excellent battery life, providing convenience and portability.

Easy-to-Read Display: The large display makes it easy to read and interpret blood pressure readings.

Memory Storage: Store up to 60 readings for consistent monitoring and tracking of your blood pressure trends.

Wide User Age Range: Designed for adults, the monitor accommodates a variety of arm sizes for comprehensive usability.

U.S. Based Assistance: Microlife provides 100% U.S.-based assistance, ensuring reliable customer support for users.


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