Sony α7R4 Camera Review | Full-frame Mirrorless Lens Camera

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Sony α7R4 Camera Review | Full-frame Mirrorless Lens Camera

The Sony α7R4 (ILCE7RM4/B) is a cutting-edge full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, boasting a remarkable 61MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor for unparalleled image resolution. This camera sets a new standard in photographic expression, providing advanced connectivity and reliability essential for professional use.

Sony α7R4 Camera

Sony α7R4 Specifications

Maximum Webcam Image Resolution: 20 MP
Photo Sensor Size: Full Frame (35mm)
Image Stabilization: Sensor-shift
Max Shutter Speed: 44569 seconds
Min Shutter Speed: 2227981 seconds
Metering: Center-Weighted Average, Highlight Weighted, Multiple, Spot
Exposure Control Type: Manual
Form Factor: Mirrorless

Sony α7R4 Specifications

Reasons to Buy Sony α7R4

Stunning Resolution
High-Speed Performance
Real-Time Eye AF
Advanced Subject Recognition5-Axis Image Stabilization

Reasons to Avoid Sony α7R4

Price Relatively Higher
Advanced functions may be overwhelming for beginners.

Reasons to Buy and Buy Sony α7R4

Key Features

✔Silent Shooting: Capture images in absolute silence to avoid camera-shake blur.
5-Axis Image Stabilization: Optimized algorithm for maximum performance.
FTP Background Transfer: Supports prompt file delivery for both JPEG and RAW files.
High Precision AF: Accurate focusing in low-light conditions down to EV-39.
4K Video: Full pixel readout without binning in super 35mm mode.
Electronic Viewfinder: High-resolution 5.76 million-dot UXGA OLED true-finder.
Real-Time Eye AF: Evolution in portraiture with immediate and accurate eye detection.
15-Stop Dynamic Range: Accurate color reproduction at low sensitivities.
Fast Hybrid Autofocus: 567 phase detection AF points and 425 contrast AF points.
Compact Design: Mirrorless form factor for portability and flexibility.
Wireless Connectivity: Max 5GHz Wi-Fi for seamless file transfer.
Advanced Subject Recognition: Real-time tracking for various subjects.
4K Video Features: S-log and HLG recording capabilities.
Accessory Compatibility: Connect external accessories like shotgun mic and XLR adaptor kit.
Versatile Lens Options: Choose from various lens configurations for different photography styles.

Sony α7R4 Key Features

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Customer Rating

4.6 out of 5 stars (35)

4.7 out of 5 stars (540)

4.2 out of 5 stars (71)

4.7 out of 5 stars (289)

Screen Size

3 inches

3 inches

3.00 inches

3 inches

Has Image Stabilization



Item Dimensions

3.9 x 3.1 x 5.1 inches

5 x 3.87 x 3 inches

3.1 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches

3.8 x 5.08 x 2.75 inches

Item Weight

1.46 lbs

1.45 lbs

3.24 lbs

1.35 lbs

Optical Sensor Resolution

42.4 megapixels

33.0 megapixels

12.1 megapixels

Optical Zoom





Photo Sensor Size

35mm Full Frame (36 x 24 mm)

Full Frame (35mm)

Full Frame (35mm)

Full Frame (35mm)

Video Capture Resolution


FHD 1080p


4K UHD 2160p

Viewfinder Type





Customer Reviews from the United States

Y. Wang
Title: The megapixels are worth it!
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: July 8, 2021
Comment: I've owned every A7r camera, and the A7riv is a significant improvement in image quality. The 60MP resolution enhances sharpness, cropping flexibility, and overall camera performance. Autofocus, battery life, and IBIS stabilization are standout features. While there are some limitations like dynamic range and processing speed, the A7riv remains an excellent choice for landscape and studio photography.

Title: Great for those that need it! But do you?
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: October 28, 2019
Comment: The A7R4 excels in high resolution and mirrorless performance. Ideal for macro photography with the Sony 90mm Macro and versatile for day-to-day non-macro shots with the Sony 24-70 F2.8 GM. Dual memory card slots, though crucial, set it apart. File size management and a powerful computer are considerations. The app's functionality is commendable, but the screen's lack of a flip-around feature is a drawback. The A7R3 might suffice for many, considering cost-effectiveness.

Title: A Great Camera So Far
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: August 19, 2022
Comment: Marvelous camera with exceptional ergonomics and weight. The viewfinder experience surpasses other mirrorless cameras, making it a smooth transition from DSLRs. The camera's pros and cons are well-covered in various reviews. However, caution is advised when purchasing from Amazon, as return processes may be challenging. Despite the Amazon experience, the camera itself is highly praised for its performance.


The Sony α7R IV is a game-changer, boasting a 61MP sensor that redefines image quality. With advanced features like improved autofocus, impressive cropping capabilities, and excellent battery life, it excels in studio and landscape photography. While not designed for high-speed action, its versatility and image clarity make it a top choice for discerning photographers.


Q. Is the Sony α7R IV suitable for action photography?

While it can handle some action at 10fps, it excels in studio and landscape work. For dedicated action photography, consider Sony's A1 or A9 models.

Q. What sets the α7R IV apart from its predecessors?

The α7R IV introduces a groundbreaking 61MP sensor, improved autofocus, and enhanced cropping flexibility, making it a substantial upgrade over previous A7R models.

Q. How does the camera handle dynamic range and shadow recovery?

Dynamic range is on par with its peers, but shadow recovery is slightly reduced when using Compressed RAW in continuous shooting. Optimal results are achieved with single shots in uncompressed RAW.


61MP Excellence: The α7R IV's 61MP sensor elevates image quality, offering unparalleled sharpness and flexibility for cropping.

Autofocus Advancements: Enjoy significantly improved AF coverage with snappier performance, making eye-AF even more reliable, especially in dim conditions.

Cropping Powerhouse: The ability to crop with 60MP provides photographers with extraordinary post-processing freedom, allowing for composition changes without compromising image quality.

Battery Longevity: The camera's use of the newer Z batteries ensures an extended runtime, even with the high demands of a 61MP sensor.

Versatile Applications: While not designed for high-speed action, the α7R IV caters to a wide range of needs, from studio work to landscapes, with exceptional results.

Considerations: Users should be mindful of file sizes and processing speed, especially when opting for uncompressed RAW, and dual card slots make it a reliable tool for professionals.

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