Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner Review

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Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner Review

The Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner features leading edge technology that was made just for professionals who want to make immersive 3D virtual tours. It claims to have amazing 360-degree views and beautiful 4K photos. The Matterport Pro3 is designed to give you the best quality and performance, whether you're trying to capture the inside of a room or the finer details of nature outside. With a very extensive scanning range, a very accurate Lidar sensor, and the ability to scan very quickly, this device accurately brings real-world spaces into the virtual world.

Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner Specifications


Brand: Matterport
Model: Pro3
Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
Flash Memory Type: Micro SD
Special Features: Live View, 3D Virtual Tour, Digital Twins
Screen Size: 10 inches
Optical Zoom: 100x
Video Capture Resolution: 4K
Lens Type: Zoom
Battery: 1 Lithium Ion battery required (included)

Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner Key Features

Key Features

Longer Scan Range: The Pro3 has a longer scanning range of up to 100 meters, which lets you quickly take pictures of even large areas. The normal range is 20 meters, but the extended range is only available in e57 files.

Ultra-Fast, High-Precision Lidar Sensor: The Pro3's Lidar sensor takes millions of measurements every scan, so it can quickly and accurately map out large areas. It is very accurate (+/- 20mm @10m) and can render big projects with amazing detail (100,000 points per second).

Rapid Scanning: This device can finish each sweep in less than 20 seconds, so it can be used in a lot of places, even ones with bad lighting.

Continuous Scanning: The Pro3 has a battery that can be taken out and put back in, so it can scan continuously until the job is done. No matter where you are, you don't have to worry about running out of power when you scan.

Matterport Subscription Integration: If you have a Matterport professional or business subscription plan, the Pro3 is the perfect device to use as it's designed to work seamlessly with those plans and you can access all the premium features. However, it's worth noting that the Pro3 is not compatible with free or starter plans. In such cases, you can still use the Matterport Capture app for iOS and Android devices to operate the Pro3.

Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner Benefits


The Pro3's high image quality is essential for professionals in architecture, real estate, and related fields.
Its ability to scan a wider area at once is a major plus for documenting expansive areas rapidly and accurately.
With the high-precision Lidar sensor, even intricate environments can be rendered faithfully in 3D.
Scanning takes very little time, and it can be done continuously, which boosts productivity.
Access to Matterport's premium features for making immersive 3D experiences is made possible through a seamless integration with their subscription plans.

Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner Pros & Con

Pros & Con


Exceptional precision and speed in scanning.


Extended scanning range for large spaces.


Removable battery for continuous use.


Integration with Matterport subscription plans.


Versatile applications in various industries.


Price may be a barrier for some, as it is a premium solution.


Compatibility limited to Matterport subscription plans, not suitable for free or starter plans.

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Customer Reviews from the United States

Amazon User
Fantastic New Improved Version...
April, 2023
Rating: 5/5

The user thought the Pro3 was a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Pro2. The package's 10/10 e57 and Matterpacks were singled out as particularly helpful for their purposes. This customer was so pleased with the product that they went out and bought two more of them!

Dru A. Nierer
Great 3D Camera Requires a Matterport Subscription.
March 13, 2023
Rating: 5/5

This user had nothing but praise for the Pro2 3D Camera, noting its superior image quality, user-friendliness, and long battery life. They suggested shielding the Camera with a sturdy case. The smooth interaction between the Camera and an iPad was also greatly appreciated by the user.

Joaquin Espinacas
Superb Advancement in Title. That's fantastic.
November 5, 2022
Rating: 5/5

This reviewer, who previously used a Pro2, is very pleased with the vast improvements made in the Pro3. They remarked on how quickly and precisely the Camera scanned the exterior. They had a few minor suggestions for improvements but otherwise praised the Pro3 and its ability to scan large buildings.

People Also Ask

Q. Matterport Pro3 scans how far?

Matterport Pro3 can scan 100 meters. It can quickly capture large areas by capturing 3D scans of spaces or environments up to 100 meters away. The Pro3's normal range is 20 meters, but e57 files extend it to 100 meters, which is useful for professionals who need to cover large spaces.

Q. How accurate is Matterport Pro 3?

Matterport Pro3 accuracy is legendary. Its high-precision Lidar sensor can measure +/- 20mm at 10 meters. Its precision makes it useful for architects, real estate agents, and other professionals who need accurate 3D scans. As it can capture up to 100,000 points per second, the Pro3 accurately represents even the most complex spaces in the virtual world, making it ideal for rendering large projects with incredible detail and fidelity.

Q. Matterport LiDAR or photogrammetry?

Matterport uses LiDAR to scan spaces in 3D. LiDAR creates accurate 3D models by measuring distances and creating point clouds with laser beams. Matterport uses photogrammetry, but its core technology is LiDAR, which captures precise 3D data quickly and efficiently. This technology is useful for virtual tours and architectural modeling.

Bottom Line

The Matterport Pro3 3D Lidar Scanner changes everything for professionals who want to make amazing 3D virtual experiences. The amazing scanning range of up to 100 meters makes it stand out. This makes it perfect for quickly taking pictures of both indoor and outdoor areas in many industries.

The Pro3's high-precision Lidar sensor is what really makes it stand out. At 10 meters, it can measure with an amazing +/- 20mm accuracy. This level of accuracy changes the game because it makes sure that even the most complicated areas are shown correctly. A lot of useful information can be found there for areas like real estate and architecture.

Laser beams are used to measure distances and make accurate point clouds in Matterport's core technology, which is based on LiDAR. This new method promises that 3D data capture will be both quick and accurate.

The Matterport Pro3 should be at the top of your list if you're an engineer, a real estate agent, or work in any other field that can benefit from immersive 3D models and virtual tours. It has truly amazing abilities, and professionals who want the best quality can't do without the accuracy it provides.

You need the Matterport Pro3 if you want to get better at 3D models and virtual tours. It's the tool that will help your projects reach new heights and make your business toolkit better.

Why wait then? Take advantage of what the Matterport Pro3 can do for you and take your 3D scanning to a whole new level right now.

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