FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop HiFi Streaming Music Player: A Comprehensive Review

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FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop HiFi Streaming Music Player: A Comprehensive Review
In high-fidelity audio, FiiO has been a trusted name known for delivering exceptional audio products. Their latest creation, the FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop HiFi Streaming Music Player, has made waves among audiophiles and music enthusiasts. This comprehensive review will explore every aspect of this cutting-edge device, from its hardware to its performance and features.

FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop HiFi Streaming Music Player

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The FiiO R7: An Overview

1.1. The ES9068AS DAC

The heart of the FiiO R7 is the ES9068AS DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), known for its exceptional audio processing capabilities. This DAC is pivotal in delivering crystal-clear sound quality, making your music come alive with every note and nuance.

1.2. THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amplifiers

To complement the ES9068AS DAC, the FiiO R7 incorporates a pair of THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifiers. These amplifiers are renowned for their low distortion and high fidelity, ensuring you experience music the way the artist intended.

1.3. Premium Components

Inside the FiiO R7, you will find top-tier components, including four PPS film capacitors, further enhancing the device's audio quality and overall performance.

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The Powerhouse: Snapdragon 660 & Android 10

2.1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

The FiiO R7 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, a robust processor that provides a silky-smooth user experience. This processor ensures seamless operation and supports a wide range of applications akin to a smartphone.

2.2. Android 10 OS

On Android 10, the FiiO R7 allows you to install and use various apps. This means you can stream music from your favorite platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music without limitations.

The Powerhouse: Snapdragon 660 & Android 10

A Versatile Audio Companion

3.1. Eight Operating Modes

The FiiO R7 offers eight operating modes, including Roon Ready certification. This makes it an excellent choice for managing local files and streaming playback with high proficiency.

3.2. Portrait Media Streaming Design

One of the standout features of the FiiO R7 is its portrait media streaming design. The gorgeous portrait screen provides an attractive visual experience and enhances usability, making it a great addition to your desktop setup.

3.3. Five Gain Levels

Customize your audio experience with five gain levels, ranging from low to ultra-high gain mode. With ultra-high gain mode, the R7 can output up to 3.6W under a 32Ω load, making it compatible with low- and high-impedance headphones.

3.4. Dual USB Ports

Including dual USB ports adds to the versatility of the FiiO R7. These ports expand their functionality, allowing you to connect various devices and peripherals effortlessly.

Performance and Audio Quality

4.1. Crystal-Clear Sound

The combination of the ES9068AS DAC and THX AAA 788+ amplifiers results in an audio experience that is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you listen to classical music, rock, or electronic beats, the FiiO R7 delivers impeccable sound clarity and detail.

4.2. Immersive Soundstage

The FiiO R7's audio processing capabilities create an expansive and immersive soundstage, allowing you to feel right with the performers. It is a true treat for audiophiles who crave a lifelike listening experience.

Connectivity and Compatibility

5.1. Wireless Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the FiiO R7 ensures seamless wireless audio streaming. Connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers for a hassle-free listening experience.

5.2. High-Resolution Audio Support

For audiophiles who demand the highest audio quality, the FiiO R7 supports high-resolution formats like DSD512, allowing you to experience music in its purest form.

5.3. App Support

Thanks to its Android 10 OS, the FiiO R7 is compatible with various music streaming apps, including Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music. You can enjoy your favorite playlists and discover new music with ease.

Pricing and Options

6.1. Color Options

The FiiO R7 comes in two stunning color options: black and white. Whether you prefer a sleek and classic look or a clean and modern aesthetic, there is a color choice to suit your style.

6.2. Pricing

The FiiO R7 is competitively priced, offering incredible value for its feature set. While prices may vary, you can find the white version at $649.02, making it an attractive option for serious music enthusiasts.

Compare with similar items

1. FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop:

Price: The FiiO R7 is priced at approximately $699.99.

Key Features:

1. Utilizes ES9068AS DAC and THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifiers.
2. Powered by Snapdragon 660 with Android 10 OS.
3. Supports Roon Ready and eight operating modes.
4. Portrait media streaming design for a unique user experience.
5. Offers five gain levels and dual USB ports.

Audio Quality: Known for exceptional sound quality and an immersive soundstage.
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, high-resolution audio support, and compatibility with popular streaming platforms.
Screen Size: 3 inches.

2. FiiO M11S:

Price: The FiiO M11S is priced at approximately $499.99.

Key Features:

1. Powered by Snapdragon 660 with Android 10 OS.
2. Equipped with dual ES9038Q2M DAC for high-resolution audio.
3. Low noise floor and support for up to 384kHz/DSD256 decoding.
4. Offers 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs and LDAC Bluetooth.

Audio Quality: High-quality audio with a low noise floor.
Connectivity: Supports streaming apps like Apple Music and Tidal.
Screen Size: 5 inches.

3. FiiO M17:

Price: The FiiO M17 is priced at approximately $1,799.99.

Key Features:

1. Features dual ES9038PRO DACs and THX AAA-788+ headphone amp.
2. Offers a wide range of desktop-level connectivity options.
3. Effective heat dissipation and a desktop-quality power supply.
4. Android 10 OS with support for third-party apps and high-resolution audio formats.

Audio Quality: Provides superior audio reproduction with minimal distortion.
Connectivity: Versatile connectivity options and support for high-resolution audio.
Screen Size: 5.99 inches.



  1. The FiiO M11S is the most budget-friendly option at approximately $499.99, while the FiiO R7 is around $699.99.
  2. The FiiO M17, on the other hand, is the most expensive option, costing approximately $1,799.99.

Audio Quality:

All three models offer high-quality audio, but the FiiO M17 stands out with dual ES9038PRO DACs and a THX AAA-788+ headphone amp, providing exceptional audio reproduction.


The FiiO R7 and FiiO M11S run on Android 10 OS, offering app support and compatibility with streaming platforms like Tidal and Apple Music.


In conclusion, the FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop HiFi Streaming Music Player is a remarkable device that combines cutting-edge technology, premium components, and exceptional audio quality. Its ES9068AS DAC, THX AAA 788+ amplifiers, and Android 10 OS offer a versatile and immersive listening experience.

Whether you are a seasoned audiophile or simply someone who appreciates great music, the FiiO R7 deserves a place on your desktop. Its ability to handle high-resolution audio, support popular streaming platforms, and adapt to various audio setups makes it a standout choice in the world of HiFi music players.

Investing in the FiiO R7 is not just a purchase but an investment in your love for music. Experience music like never before with the FiiO R7 – where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the price of the FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop?

The price of the FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop music player varies depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions. However, it is typically priced around $699.99.

2. What is the key selling point of the FiiO R7?

The FiiO R7 stands out for using the ES9068AS DAC and THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifiers, which deliver exceptional audio quality. Additionally, it runs on Android 10 OS, allowing users to install a wide range of apps for a versatile music streaming experience.

3. Does the FiiO R7 support high-resolution audio formats?

The FiiO R7 supports high-resolution audio formats, including DSD512. This means you can enjoy your music in its purest and highest quality form.

4. How long does the battery last on the FiiO R7?

The FiiO R7 offers up to 11.5 hours of battery life, making it suitable for extended listening sessions. It also features quick charging capabilities for convenience.

5. Can I connect the FiiO R7 to my Bluetooth headphones?

The FiiO R7 supports Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to connect it to compatible Bluetooth headphones or speakers for a wireless listening experience.

6. Does it have different gain levels for headphone output?

Yes, the FiiO R7 offers five gain levels: low, medium, high, super high, and ultra-high gain modes. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of headphones, from low- to high-impedance models.

7. Is the FiiO R7 suitable for streaming services like Spotify and Tidal?

Yes, the FiiO R7 can run streaming apps such as Spotify and Tidal, allowing you to easily access your favorite music content.

8. What is the screen size of the FiiO R7?

The FiiO R7 features a 3-inch screen, providing a clear and user-friendly interface for navigation and media control.

9. Does it have any special features for audiophiles?

Yes, the FiiO R7 supports Roon Ready and MQA 8x decoding, making it an excellent choice for audiophiles who demand the highest quality sound and compatibility with advanced audio technologies.

10. How many USB ports does the FiiO R7 have?

The FiiO R7 features dual USB ports, adding functionality and allowing additional connections to various devices and peripherals.

These FAQs and their answers should provide potential buyers and users with essential information about the FiiO R7 Snapdragon 660 Desktop music player.

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