Unveiling the Power of Garmin Portable GPS: The Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT

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Garmin Portable GPS
In today's fast-paced world, having a reliable portable GPS device is essential for every driver. With countless options available, finding the perfect Garmin portable GPS can be overwhelming. However, one device stands out among the rest - the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT. In this comprehensive review, we'll explore its key features, benefits, and why it has become a favorite among drivers worldwide.

Garmin Portable GPS


Model NameFBA_GRMN112330
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Screen Size5 Inches
Special FeatureDetailed Maps with Free Updates; Voice-Activated Navigation; Lane Assist with Junction View, Speed Limit Indicator; Trip Planner; Trip Log
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Map TypeNorth America
Battery Life1 year
Mounting TypeDashboard Mount (Found in image)
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.5 x 3 x 6 inches
Product Dimensions4.5 x 3 x 6 inches
Item Weight11.7 ounces
Item model numberFBA_GRMN112330
Customer Reviews4.2 out of 5 stars | 826 ratings
Best Sellers Rank#3,581 in Amazon Renewed (See Top 100 in Amazon Renewed)
#78 in Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Wireless communication technologiesBluetooth
Connectivity technologiesBluetooth
Display resolution480 x 272
Other display featuresWireless
Human Interface InputButtons
Date First AvailableMarch 30, 2014

Garmin Portable GPS

Key Features: 

1. Detailed Maps with Free Updates: Garmin portable GPS devices come with detailed maps that can be regularly updated for free. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date navigation information at all times.

2. Voice-Activated Navigation: Many Garmin portable GPS devices feature voice-activated navigation, allowing you to control the device with voice commands. This hands-free operation enhances safety and convenience while driving.

3. Lane Assist with Junction View: Garmin portable GPS devices often include lane assist functionality, providing visual guidance and voice prompts to help you navigate complex intersections and highway junctions with ease.

4. Speed Limit Indicator: To promote safer driving, Garmin portable GPS devices display the current speed limit for the road you are traveling on. This feature helps you stay aware of speed limits and avoid potential violations.

5. Trip Planner and Trip Log: Garmin portable GPS devices offer trip planning capabilities, allowing you to plan and customize your routes according to your preferences. Additionally, the trip log feature enables you to keep track of your previous trips for reference or record-keeping purposes.

6. Bluetooth Connectivity: Many Garmin portable GPS devices support Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to pair your smartphone with the device. This allows for hands-free calling, accessing smartphone notifications, and receiving real-time traffic updates.

7. Mounting Options: Garmin portable GPS devices come with versatile mounting options, such as dashboard mounts or windshield mounts. These mounts provide secure attachment to your vehicle, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility.

8. Battery Life: Garmin portable GPS devices have varying battery life, allowing for extended use without requiring constant charging. The battery life can range from several hours to multiple days, depending on the specific model and usage.

9. Display Resolution and Size: Garmin portable GPS devices feature high-resolution displays that provide clear and sharp map visuals. The screen sizes typically range from 4 to 7 inches, offering a balance between readability and portability.

10. Durability and Reliability: Garmin is known for producing durable and reliable GPS devices. Their portable GPS devices are built to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Garmin Portable GPS

Pros & Cons:

✔️ Accurate Navigation
✔️ Voice-Activated Navigation
✔️ Lane Assist and Speed Limit Indicator
✔️ Trip Planner and Trip Log
✔️ Bluetooth Connectivity
✔️ Renewed Quality and Warranty

Refurbished Product
❌ Limited Battery Life
❌ Generic Packaging

Compare with similar items

1. Garmin 010-01678-0B GPS 

The Garmin 010-01678-0B Drive 51 USA LM GPS Navigator System is a reliable and user-friendly GPS device designed to provide hassle-free navigation on your journeys. With its intuitive interface and essential features, this GPS system ensures you reach your destination with ease. In this article, we will explore the key features, pros, and cons of the Garmin Drive 51 to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features:

1. Dual Orientation Display: The Garmin Drive 51 features a bright 5.0-inch dual orientation display, allowing for easy viewing and clear navigation instructions.

2. Lifetime Maps: Preloaded with lifetime maps of the United States, this GPS system ensures you have access to the latest map updates without the need for additional purchases. Please note that it does not include maps of Canada.

3. Driver Alerts: The device provides driver alerts for potential hazards such as dangerous curves, speed changes, speed cameras, railroad crossings, and animal crossings. This feature enhances safety and keeps you informed of the road conditions ahead.

4. TripAdvisor Ratings: With TripAdvisor integration, the Garmin Drive 51 offers ratings and information for various travel points of interest (POIs) like hotels, restaurants, and attractions. This feature helps you discover popular and highly recommended destinations along your route.

5. Garmin Real Directions: The Garmin Real Directions feature provides easy-to-understand directions by using recognizable landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights. It guides you like a friend, ensuring a more natural and stress-free navigation experience.

Pros & Cons:

✔️ User-Friendly Interface
✔️ Lifetime Maps
✔️ Driver Alerts for Added Safety

Limited Battery Life
Limited Map Coverage
Basic Connectivity

2. JOGANVE Car GPS Navigation

The Car GPS Navigation by JOGANVE is a versatile navigation system designed for trucks, RVs, and cars. With its driver alerts, turn-by-turn directions, and 2023 map with free updates, this GPS device ensures a smooth and efficient travel experience. In this article, we will explore the key features, pros, and cons of the JOGANVE Car GPS Navigation system to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features:

1. Lifetime Map Update: The JOGANVE Car GPS Navigation comes with the latest 2023 map of the United States installed. If you need to update the map or require maps of other countries, the manufacturer offers support and assistance for downloading and uploading the necessary map files.

2. Multi-Language Support: This GPS navigation system supports voice broadcasts in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, and Romanian. It provides intelligent route planning, sound warnings, and displays speed limits and estimated arrival times.

3. Large Capacity: With a high-performance CPU, built-in 8GB ROM, and 256MB RAM, this GPS device offers ample storage space for maps and materials. It also supports up to 32GB extended memory for additional storage needs.

4. 7-Inch Touch Screen: The Car GPS Navigation features a clear and sensitive 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. The tempered glass and high-quality sensors ensure a full viewing angle and high brightness, making it easy to read the map even in bright sunlight.

5. Safe Purchase: JOGANVE offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. They provide reliable customer support and aim to address any product-related questions or installation queries promptly.

Pros & Cons:

✔️ Lifetime Map Updates
✔️ Multi-Language Support
✔️ Large Capacity and Extended Memory

Limited Map Coverage
Mounting Accessories Not Included
Limited Connectivity Options

3. HUTNVEA GPS Navigation for Car

The GPS Navigation for Car by HUTNVEA is a versatile and feature-rich navigation system designed for car, truck, RV, and motorhome use. With its 7-inch touch screen, voice turn direction guidance, and pre-installed North America map with lifetime free updates, this GPS device ensures accurate and convenient navigation. In this article, we will explore the key features, pros, and cons of the HUTNVEA GPS Navigation system to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features:

1. 7-Inch Touch Screen: The HUTNVEA GPS Navigation features a clear and sensitive 7-inch touch screen that provides a clear display and easy interaction. The HD display ensures a crisp and vibrant viewing experience, even in bright sunlight or for users with poor eyesight.

2. Pre-installed 2023 North America Map with Lifetime Updates: The GPS device comes with a pre-installed map of North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It also offers lifetime free map updates, ensuring that you have access to the latest road changes and new roads without any hidden fees or subscriptions.

3. Voice Turn Direction Guidance: The GPS system provides voice-guided directions, enabling you to navigate easily without taking your eyes off the road. The voice prompts offer clear instructions for upcoming turns and provide an added level of convenience and safety.

4. Speed and Red Light Warning: The device supports speed and red light warnings, alerting you to potential speed limit violations or approaching red light cameras. This feature helps promote safe and responsible driving.

5. Professional GPS Navigation Features: The HUTNVEA GPS Navigation offers advanced features such as customized routing based on your vehicle's weight, length, height, and width, avoiding roads with restrictions. It also provides accurate GPS tracking and intelligent current speed camera alerts. The device supports FM broadcast for transferring GPS sound to your car stereo.

Pros & Cons:

✔️ Upgraded Battery Life.
✔️ Lifetime Map Updates
✔️ Customized Routing and Professional Features

Limited Battery Life
Limited Map Coverage
Mounting Accessories

Customer Questions & Answers

Q. What is included? 
The package includes 1 GPS unit, 1 USB data cable, 1 power cable with a cigarette lighter plug, and 1 suction cup mount.

Q. Does it have Advanced lane guidance? 
Yes, the GPS system provides advanced lane guidance. It offers warnings about which lane to be in, accompanied by a split-screen display illustrating the recommended lane. Additionally, it creates exit signs similar to those found on highways.

Q. Do the included maps provide much detail when well off-road, like hiking? 
The included maps do not provide much detail when well off-road. While the GPS device is not specifically designed for wilderness or hiking purposes, it is primarily focused on providing navigation for road travel.

Top reviews from the United States

4.0 out of 5 stars Very good GPS - great for road warriors!Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 28, 2016
I bought this this because I travel from client to client and found that using my phone was becoming a nuisance (although I prefer Google maps has a great interface).

1) Nice big screen size makes it easy to see the directions and plenty of room for a lot of information.

2) Very easy and fast to enter address which is important to me as I move from client to client. You just enter the street number, then start typing the street and it will offer suggestions. Much preferred over another GPS I tried made by "M..g..n" which forces you to enter zipcode>city>street name>street number. You can also send the address from your android phone. You need to download the Smartphone Link app to do that. However, I have found it easier to just enter the address so I don't have to mess with my phone.

3) The directions are clear, especially when coming up to a highway junction. It splits the screen to show you which lane to take. One thing I did miss that the other "M..g..n" had is that it would zoom into the map at the turn and ping right before the turn. However, I found out online that you can enable this feature on the Garmin by going into the Diagnostics mode and changing the locale to United Kingdom. Then you will see the option to zoom in Settings>Map and Vehicle. Note changing locale to UK will give you weather in Celcius.

4) It connects to your phone with bluetooth which gives you the ability hear your calls through the GPS unit which is great if you don't have phone bluetooth in your car. As well as allowing you to transfer contact addresses to the Garmin as mentioned prior.

5) It shows you the speed limit and your current speed and puts a red border around your current speed if you are over the limit. The "M..g..n" unit provided voice alert for speed traps.

6) You can download different symbols for your vehicle to replace the arrow. My car is red so I got a red car symbol!

1) It uses your auto power cigarette lighter so if you only have one you're other devices will be out of luck. You can solve this issue by buying a splitter (I got one for $10). You'll need to plug it in because the battery does not hold much of a charge.

2) The map coloring is not great, maybe because I am used to google maps which is so clear. You can go to the settings and change the map theme and there are some with a yellow background instead of the gray/tan.

9 people found this helpful

5.0 out of 5 stars Garmin nuvi 2597LMT GPSReviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 24, 2016
The product I ordered and received was one that had been refurbished to like new condition at the factory, and indeed it was. The only thing I had to do was update the maps on this GPS, which I did via an app called, "Garmin Express" which I already had downloaded on my computer and have used for another Garmin GPS I have. As soon as I plugged this unit in to my computer, and opened the Garmin Express app, it immediately recognized this new GPS, automatically updated the firmware and drivers, and then gave me a list of "updates" to choose from including all of the new maps. However, this did take some time to accomplish. At first, it said it would take three hours to do, but the actual time was closer to one hour all together. Be aware that this could tax your "fair share" usage time depending on your internet service provider. In my case, I decided to do this during the wee hours of the night in order to avoid this. (I have Hughesnet here. No other choices out where I live) There is also an app you can download to your cell phone called "Smartphone Link" that works perfectly in conjunction with this unit, and has lots of nice features.

Another reason I bought this particular Garmin (other than the price) was that it comes with free life-time map upgrades, and a one year warranty. and it works great with Blue Tooth capable devices such as my Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone. I have two other Garmin GPS units that are around 5 years old now, and I've never had any problems with either of them. I bought this one particularly to keep in my tour bus.

Everything considered, I am very pleased with this unit and highly recommend it. It will do everything it was intended for and then some. Although I suppose I could use my cell phone to accomplish much of the same thing, I prefer to have a dedicated device for this purpose. I can even answer incoming calls either directly or via my Bluetooth with this unit, which I think is great!

14 people found this helpful

Garmin Portable GPS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are the key features of a Garmin Portable GPS? 
The key features of a Garmin Portable GPS may vary depending on the specific model, but some common features include detailed maps with free updates, voice-guided navigation, lane assistance, speed limit indicators, trip planning capabilities, and trip logs. These devices may also offer additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, real-time traffic updates, and points of interest (POI) information.

Q: Can a Garmin Portable GPS be used in different vehicles? 
Yes, a Garmin Portable GPS can be used in different vehicles as long as it is properly mounted or placed in a secure position. Some models come with specific mounting options, such as a windshield mount or a dashboard mount, while others may require separate accessories for mounting. It is important to ensure that the device has a clear view of the sky to receive GPS signals effectively.

Q: Are Garmin Portable GPS devices easy to use? 
Yes, Garmin Portable GPS devices are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. They typically feature intuitive interfaces with touchscreens or button controls, making it simple to input destinations, browse maps, and access various settings. Additionally, they often come with user manuals and customer support to assist users in getting started and resolving any issues they may encounter.

Final Thoughts:

Garmin Portable GPS devices are reliable and versatile tools for navigation, whether you're traveling by car, on foot, or using other modes of transportation. With their advanced features, such as detailed maps, voice-guided navigation, and trip planning capabilities, these devices offer convenience and peace of mind during your journeys.

The accuracy and reliability of Garmin's GPS technology, combined with their user-friendly interfaces, make them a popular choice among users worldwide. Whether you're navigating through unfamiliar city streets or exploring new outdoor trails, a Garmin Portable GPS can provide you with the guidance you need to reach your destination efficiently.

Call to Action:

If you're looking for a dependable and feature-rich navigation companion, consider investing in a Garmin Portable GPS. Explore the various models available and choose the one that suits your specific needs and preferences. With their lifetime map updates, user-friendly interfaces, and reliable performance, Garmin Portable GPS devices can enhance your travel experiences and help you navigate with confidence.

Don't wait any longer. Take the next step towards hassle-free navigation by purchasing a Garmin Portable GPS today. Say goodbye to getting lost and hello to stress-free travel.

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