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Tascam Recorder

Welcome to the world of professional audio recording with the Tascam Portacapture X8 6-Input / 8-Track Handheld Adaptive Multitrack Recorder, a remarkable Tascam Recorder designed to meet the needs of musicians and creators alike. Whether you're a seasoned artist or an aspiring talent, the Tascam Recorder empowers you to capture, edit, and mix your creations effortlessly. Let's delve into its impressive specifications and explore the key features that make the Tascam Recorder a must-have in every musician's toolkit.

Tascam Recorder


Model: Portacapture X8
Hardware Interface: USB 2.0
Microphone Form Factor: Built-In
Headphones Jack: XLR
Compatible Devices: Smartphone
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (181 ratings)
Secure Transaction: Yes
Returns Policy: Available

Tascam Recorder

Key Features of Tascam Recorder:

Detachable Adjustable Condenser Mics    

The Tascam Recorder features detachable condenser microphones, ensuring unparalleled flexibility in capturing sound sources. Whether recording interviews, acoustic instruments, or field recordings, these mics deliver exceptional audio fidelity.

Four XLR-1/4 Inch Inputs with Phantom Power 

With four XLR-1/4 inch inputs and phantom power support, the Tascam Recorder allows you to connect and record from various external sources such as microphones, guitars, and line-level devices, making it ideal for multi-track recording. 

3.5mm Line and Headphone Outputs

The inclusion of 3.5mm line and headphone outputs offers versatile monitoring options, enabling real-time listening to your recordings and making necessary adjustments on the fly.

Supports microSD Cards up to 512 GB

The Tascam Recorder boasts ample storage capacity, accommodating microSD cards of up to 512 GB, ensuring extended recording sessions without storage limitations.

Optional Bluetooth Wireless Control

Embrace convenience with the optional Bluetooth wireless control feature. Seamlessly control the Tascam Recorder's functions from your smartphone, allowing you to focus on your performance while maintaining complete command over the recording process.

Handheld and Portable Design

Designed to be handheld, the Tascam Recorder is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go musicians, journalists, and content creators who require a reliable, compact recording solution.

Adaptive Multitrack Recording

With adaptive multitrack recording capability, this Tascam Recorder intelligently adapts to your recording needs, ensuring smooth and hassle-free capture of up to eight tracks simultaneously.

Superior Build Quality

TASCAM's commitment to durability and quality is evident in the Tascam Recorder's robust build, ensuring longevity and reliable performance, even in challenging recording environments.

Advanced Features

1. Innovative, Powerful, Yet Simple

Discover the Tascam Portacapture X8, an innovative, powerful, and remarkably user-friendly handheld adaptive multitrack recorder. Upon startup, the large color touch screen displays the Launcher, providing easy access to preset audio settings that perfectly match your recording requirements. This streamlined process allows you to focus on the essence of your recording without wrestling with complicated configurations.

For those who prefer to customize settings themselves, the MANUAL app offers complete control, supported by a helpful Recording Guide that leads you through the required adjustments, ensuring an effortless recording experience.

Innovative, Powerful, Yet Simple

2. Six Different Recording Apps to Choose From

The Tascam Recorder offers six distinct recording apps tailored to diverse recording needs:

  • MANUAL: The main app facilitates multi-track recording of up to six audio sources alongside a stereo mix (2-mix).
  • VOICE: Ideal for capturing interviews, dictations, and meetings with utmost clarity.
  • PODCAST: Perfect for podcast creation, accommodating up to four participants.
  • MUSIC: Choose this app to capture instrumental and vocal performances with pristine audio quality.
  • FIELD: Tailored for outdoor recording of nature sounds, preserving the essence of your surroundings.
  • ASMR: Experience captivating visual effects on the screen in response to the input sound during ASMR recording.

Six Different Recording Apps to Choose From

3. Set Your Levels with Ease

With preset level settings, the Portacapture X8 ensures a wide dynamic range, leveraging premium dual A/D converters and 32-bit floating point resolution recording technology. Experience uncompromised audio quality, even during low-level recordings, and effortlessly increase levels during post-editing without compromising the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N). The internal normalize function automatically aligns the stereo mix file's levels after recording, saving valuable creative time in finding the right audio level that matches your recording.

Set Your Levels with Ease

4. USB Audio Interface for Your Computer

Benefit from the Tascam Recorder's plug-and-play functionality, converting it into a compact mixer with built-in microphones, perfect for live streaming on platforms like OBS. It also allows direct video narration and dialogue recording directly to DAW and editing software, facilitating seamless integration. Streaming up to eight tracks (six inputs plus stereo mix) through USB, the Portacapture X8 supports USB Type-C Power Delivery, enabling simultaneous phantom power supply to external microphones through the USB bus. Utilize it as a USB stereo microphone for video and audio conferencing while simultaneously recording the audio.

USB Audio Interface for Your Computer

5. Premium Large-Format Microphones

The Portacapture X8 features two high-quality condenser microphones, the largest in the Tascam lineup, with a diameter of 14.6 mm. These microphones employ a detachable mechanism, allowing flexible attachment and detachment from the main unit to form A-B or X-Y mic patterns. Choose A-B pattern for a wide stereo field or X-Y pattern for extra-clear reproduction with reduced phase displacement between channels. Combined with the dual A/D converter and 32-bit floating point processing, these microphones capture everything from subtle whispers to dynamic performances.

Premium Large-Format Microphones

6. Wireless Remote Control (with Optional Bluetooth Adapter)

Experience the freedom of remote control with the optional AK-BT1 Bluetooth adapter and the Portacapture Control app. Easily control the Tascam Recorder from your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets (iPad and Android devices). This feature is particularly useful for recording nature sounds without disturbing the environment with your presence or noises.

Wireless Remote Control (with Optional Bluetooth Adapter)

7. Multi-Track Recording with Up to Eight Tracks

The Portacapture X8 enables simultaneous recording of up to eight audio tracks (six individual tracks + stereo mix). Utilize the MANUAL app to set levels and stereo positions for each of the six input tracks, creating a stereo mix ready for publishing as a podcast, vlog, song, or other content. The Tascam Recorder's in-house-developed HDDA mic preamps ensure high-quality audio recording for XLR/TRS inputs.

Multi-Track Recording with Up to Eight Tracks

8. Four XLR/TRS Jacks Plus In and Out for Your Camera and Other Equipment

The Portacapture X8 boasts four professional locking XLR/TRS combo inputs, catering to mic- and line-level signals, making it well-equipped to handle various recording challenges. Additionally, mini-jack inputs and outputs allow seamless connection to your camera or other audio devices. During video recording, record a guiding track with slate tones on your camera for simplified synchronization during post-editing. Furthermore, the powerful headphones output ensures control, even in noisy environments.

Four XLR/TRS Jacks Plus In and Out for Your Camera and Other Equipment



High-Quality Sound Capture
Extensive Storage Capacity
Convenient Wireless Control
Relatively High Price
Limited Smartphone Compatibility
No Built-In Wi-Fi

Compare with Similar Items

1. Tascam DR-07X

The Tascam DR-07X is a versatile and compact stereo handheld digital audio recorder with a built-in USB audio interface. Designed for high-quality audio recording, this device is suitable for various applications, from music recording and field interviews to voiceovers and dictation. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the DR-07X caters to both beginners and experienced audio enthusiasts.

Tascam DR-07X

Key Features:

1. High-Quality Stereo Condenser Microphones: The DR-07X is equipped with unidirectional stereo condenser microphones that allow you to capture audio in both A-B and X-Y positions. This versatility ensures precise and immersive sound recordings, making it ideal for capturing performances, nature sounds, and more.

2. Multiple Language Support: With support for multiple languages in its menu (ENG/FRA/DEU/ITA/ESP/RUS/PRT/JPN/CHI/KOR), the DR-07X offers enhanced accessibility to users around the world. This feature makes it easy for international users to navigate the device and access its functionalities.

3. Overwrite Function with Undo: The recorder features an overwrite function for Punch-In recording, enabling users to correct mistakes or add new material without starting from scratch. The one level of Undo further ensures that you can quickly revert to the previous state, enhancing the efficiency of your recording sessions.

4. 2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface: The DR-07X doubles as a USB audio interface, allowing seamless connectivity to Mac, PC, or iOS devices for recording purposes. This capability enhances its versatility, making it a valuable tool for home studios and on-the-go audio production.

5. Dictation Mode for Voice Recording and Transcription: Specifically designed for human voice recording and transcription, the Dictation mode optimizes audio capture for clear and accurate playback. Whether you're recording interviews or preparing transcriptions, this mode ensures excellent results.



Superior Audio Quality
Portable and Compact
USB Audio Interface
Limited Built-in Storage
No XLR Inputs
Small Screen Size

2. Tascam DR-40X

The Tascam DR-40X is a versatile four-track digital audio recorder and USB audio interface designed to provide high-quality audio recording and production capabilities. With its user-friendly interface and compact design, the DR-40X caters to musicians, content creators, journalists, and audio enthusiasts seeking professional-grade recording solutions.

Tascam DR-40X

Key Features:

1. Four-Track Recording: The DR-40X offers a 4-channel mode that enables users to record on four separate tracks. This feature allows for advanced recording techniques such as dual recording and nondestructive overdub recording, offering greater flexibility and control during post-production.

2. High-Quality Audio: With its advanced audio circuitry and high-grade preamps, the DR-40X ensures exceptional audio quality, capturing every detail with clarity and accuracy. This makes it a reliable tool for musicians and professionals seeking pristine audio recordings.

3. Dual Recording Mode: The recorder features a unique dual recording mode, where it simultaneously records a safety copy of your audio at a lower level. This safety track acts as a backup, protecting your recordings from unexpected level spikes, ensuring you never lose crucial audio data.

4. 2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface: Like the DR-07X, the DR-40X also functions as a 2-in/2-out USB audio interface, facilitating seamless connectivity to Mac, PC, or iOS devices. This integration simplifies the recording process and allows direct communication with recording software for real-time monitoring and playback.

5. Built-In Microphones and XLR Inputs: The DR-40X is equipped with built-in stereo condenser microphones for convenient recording, along with XLR/TRS combo inputs. This versatile setup enables you to use the built-in microphones or connect external microphones and line-level sources, offering a wide range of recording options.



Multi-Track Recording
Dual Recording for Safety
USB Audio Interface Functionality
Learning Curve
Battery Life
Limited Internal Memory

3. Tascam DR-22WL

The Tascam DR-22WL is a portable handheld voice recorder that brings advanced features and Wi-Fi connectivity to the world of audio recording. Designed for on-the-go professionals, musicians, and content creators, the DR-22WL offers convenience and flexibility in capturing high-quality audio with its built-in X-Y stereo microphone and Wi-Fi capabilities. With remote control functionality and wireless file transfer, this recorder opens up new possibilities for seamless recording and sharing.

Tascam DR-22WL

Key Features:

1. Built-in X-Y Stereo Microphone: The DR-22WL is equipped with an X-Y stereo microphone configuration, allowing for precise and natural sound capture. This arrangement creates a broad soundstage and accurate stereo imaging, making it ideal for capturing live performances, interviews, and ambient sounds.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity: With Wi-Fi capabilities, the recorder supports remote control via compatible devices such as smartphones and computers. Users can control recording settings and start/stop recording wirelessly, enhancing flexibility during recording sessions.

3. Wireless File Transfer: The DR-22WL enables wireless file transfer over Wi-Fi, allowing users to conveniently access and transfer recorded audio to their computers or smartphones. This feature streamlines the post-production process and eliminates the need for physical connections.

4. SoundCloud Integration: The recorder offers seamless integration with SoundCloud, enabling users to upload recorded audio directly to the platform. This integration extends to other social media services like Facebook, providing an efficient way to share audio content with audiences.

5. MicroSD Card Support: The DR-22WL accepts microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards, providing expandable storage options to accommodate longer recording sessions without compromising on audio quality.



Wi-Fi Remote Control
Convenient Wireless File Transfer
High-Quality X-Y Stereo Microphone
Relatively High Price
Wi-Fi Dependence
Battery Life

4. Tascam DR-44WL

The Tascam DR-44WL is a feature-rich portable handheld recorder that combines advanced functionality with Wi-Fi connectivity. Designed for musicians, journalists, and audio professionals, the DR-44WL offers high-quality audio recording and seamless file management capabilities. With its intuitive operation and improved graphic design, this recorder caters to users of all experience levels, making it a versatile and reliable tool for various recording needs.

Tascam DR-44WL

Key Features:

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity with Router Mode: The DR-44WL comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and introduces a router mode, allowing for easy wireless connection to compatible devices. This feature enhances flexibility during recording sessions, enabling remote control and convenient file sharing.

2. Cloud Service Integration: Users can share recorded audio files directly to other apps and cloud services, streamlining the process of transferring and backing up recordings. This integration provides a seamless workflow for managing and accessing recorded content.

3. Renamed and Deleted Files: The recorder allows users to rename or delete files directly from the device, simplifying file management without the need for a computer or external software.

4. Intuitive Graphic Design: The DR-44WL features a renovated graphic design, offering an easy-to-navigate and intuitive user interface. This design improvement enhances the overall user experience, making operation more straightforward and efficient.

5. Ideal for All Experience Levels: From beginner musicians to experienced professionals, the DR-44WL caters to users of varying skill levels. Its user-friendly features and advanced capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of audio recording applications.



Advanced Wi-Fi Connectivity
Cloud Service Integration
User-Friendly Design
Higher Price Point
Battery Life
Memory Capacity

5. Tascam Portacapture X8

The Tascam Portacapture X8 is a powerful handheld adaptive multitrack recorder designed to meet the recording needs of musicians, content creators, and audio professionals. With its versatile features and high-quality performance, the Portacapture X8 offers six inputs and eight tracks for comprehensive recording capabilities. The device's detachable adjustable condenser mics, XLR inputs with phantom power, and optional Bluetooth wireless control make it a reliable and convenient solution for capturing professional-grade audio on the go.

Tascam Portacapture X8

Key Features:

1. Detachable Adjustable Condenser Mics: The Portacapture X8 is equipped with detachable and adjustable condenser microphones. This feature provides flexibility in capturing sound from different angles, ensuring precise and accurate audio recordings.

2. Four XLR-1/4 Inch Inputs with Phantom Power: With four XLR-1/4 inch combo inputs, the recorder accommodates various audio sources such as microphones and line-level devices. The provision of phantom power further supports the use of condenser microphones and other compatible devices.

3. 3.5mm Line and Headphone Outputs: The device offers 3.5mm line and headphone outputs, allowing for real-time monitoring during recording and playback. This ensures optimal audio quality and allows users to monitor their recordings on the spot.

4. MicroSD Card Support up to 512 GB: The Portacapture X8 supports microSD cards with a capacity of up to 512 GB. This generous storage capability allows for extended recording sessions and ample space for storing high-quality audio files.

5. Optional Bluetooth Wireless Control: The recorder offers optional Bluetooth wireless control, enabling users to remotely manage recording functions and settings through compatible smartphones or devices. This feature enhances convenience and efficiency during recording sessions.



Versatile Inputs
Detachable Condenser Mics
Bluetooth Wireless Control
Higher Price Point
Complex for Beginners
Limited Built-In Storage 

Comparison Table







Portacapture X8

Recording Tracks

2-channel (stereo)/1-channel (mono)

2-channel (stereo)/1-channel (mono)

4-channel (2 stereo)

2-channel (stereo)/1-channel (mono)

4-channel (2 stereo)

8 (6 tracks + stereo mix)

Microphone Type

Omni, AB (fixed)

Cardioid, AB / XY (swivelling)

Cardioid, AB / XY (swivelling)

Cardioid, XY (fixed)

Cardioid, XY (fixed)

Cardioid, AB / XY (swivelling)

Max Recording Resolution

96 kHz / 24 bit

96 kHz / 24 bit

96 kHz / 24 bit

96 kHz / 24 bit

96 kHz / 24 bit

192 kHz / 32 bit float

Inputs, Phantom Power

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced), plug-in power

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced), plug-in power

Mic / Line XLR / 6.3mm TRS combo, 48 V phantom power

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced), plug-in power

Mic / Line XLR / 6.3mm TRS combo, 48 V phantom power

Mic / Line XLR / 6.3mm TRS combo, 48 V phantom power


3.5mm stereo (unbalanced)

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced)

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced)

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced)

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced)

3.5mm stereo (unbalanced)

Recording Medium

SD card (64MB - 4GB), SDHC card (4- 32GB), SDXC card (64 - 128GB)

SD card (64MB - 4GB), SDHC card (4- 32GB), SDXC card (64 - 128GB)

SD card (64MB - 2GB), SDHC card (4- 32GB), SDXC card (64 - 128GB)

SD card (64MB - 2GB), SDHC card (4- 32GB), SDXC card (64 - 128GB)

SD card (64MB - 2GB), SDHC card (4- 32GB), SDXC card (64 - 128GB)

Micro SD card up to 512 GB

Wireless File Sharing




iOS / Android App via Bluetooth adapter AK-BT1

Remote Control

RC-3F / RC-10

iOS / Android App via WiFi

iOS / Android App via WiFi

iOS / Android App via Bluetooth adapter AK-BT1

Battery Life and Power Supply

17+ hours with 2 x AA batteries, Micro USB

17+ hours with 2 x AA batteries, Micro USB

up to 20 hours with 3 x AA batteries, micro USB

17+ hours with 2 x AA batteries, Micro USB

up to 16 hours with 4 x AA batteries, micro USB

up to 18 hours with 4 x AA Li-Ion batteries, USB-C

USB Audio Interface Inputs/Outputs

Customer Reviews

Top Review from Australia

Reviewer Name: Andrew Mason
Rating: 2.0 out of 5 stars
Review Date: 22 August 2022
Style: Portacapture X8 (Verified Purchase)

I have mixed feelings about the Tascam Portacapture X8. I owned a Zoom H6 and H4N. I bought Tascam X8 because I wanted an external audio recorder that had 32 bit float. So...I went with the Tascam X8, despite the main complaint being the quality, particularly around the X/Y mics.

The goods news is that Amazon is sending me a new one tomorrow, despite it being past their 30 day returns policy. Amazon is one of those companies that I don't want to like, but I have to say have been really good in my experience. So I have to credit where it is due.

So what about the audio quality? I am not an audiophile, but the quality of audio seems very good to me. Once you understand how the menu works, it is not so bad, but I am sure they could make it more user friendly.

Top Review from France

Reviewer Name: Client d'Amazon
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review Date: 8 July 2023
Style: Portacapture X8 (Verified Purchase)

Couvre les besoins d'enregistrement du studio jusqu'au live en extérieur. Très complet et pratique avec la commande depuis l'interface sur Smartphone. Un super outil !

Top Review from Italy

Reviewer Name: Sergio
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review Date: 17 June 2023
Style: Portacapture X8 (Verified Purchase)

Qualità audio perfetta, facile da usare e il suono non distorge molto alla registrazione. La registrazione a 192 kHz a 32-bit rende il suono migliore e più bello rispetto ad altri registratori simili concorrenti, nitido e molto più bello. Insomma, è costoso ma ne vale i soldi che costa. Ve lo consiglio specialmente se volete registrare ambient e suono ambientali/naturali.

People Always Ask

Q: What is a Tascam Recorder? 
Tascam Recorder is a portable handheld digital audio recording device designed to capture high-quality audio in various settings. It allows users to record interviews, live performances, podcasts, voice-overs, and more.

Q: How many recording tracks do Tascam Recorders support? 
The number of recording tracks varies depending on the model. Tascam Recorders typically offer 2-channel stereo recording, but some models like the DR-40X and Portacapture X8 provide 4-channel and 8-channel recording capabilities, respectively.

Q: What are X/Y and AB microphone configurations? 
X/Y and AB refer to the directional characteristics and alignment of the built-in microphones in Tascam Recorders. X/Y is a fixed stereo microphone configuration, while AB allows for swiveling the microphones to change the stereo width, offering more flexibility in recording.

Q: Can Tascam Recorders be used as USB audio interfaces? 
Yes, many Tascam Recorders can function as USB audio interfaces, allowing you to connect them to your computer or iOS device for recording directly into your preferred recording software.

Q: What is the maximum recording resolution for Tascam Recorders? 
Tascam Recorders typically support a maximum recording resolution of 96 kHz at 24-bit, providing high-fidelity audio capture.

Final Thoughts: 

Tascam Recorders offer a range of versatile audio recording solutions suitable for various applications. With features like high-quality microphones, USB audio interface functionality, and multiple recording tracks, they are excellent tools for content creators, musicians, journalists, and anyone in need of reliable portable audio recording.

Call to Action: 

If you're looking for a dependable audio recording device, consider Tascam Recorders. Explore the different models available to find one that best fits your needs. Whether you're recording interviews, music, or any other audio content, Tascam Recorders can help you achieve professional-level recordings with ease and convenience. Start capturing your audio adventures with Tascam today!

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