Sena 50S: Premium Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with Harman Kardon Sound

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Sena 50S
Introducing the Sena 50S Motorcycle Jog Dial Communication Bluetooth Headset with Sound by Harman Kardon, an advanced and feature-rich communication system designed specifically for motorcyclists. This premium headset is part of the 50 Series from Sena, renowned for its quality and innovation in the field of motorcycle communication technology. 

With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 2,348 customer reviews and 163 answered questions, it's clear that the Sena 50S is highly regarded by riders around the world.

Sena 50S

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Technical Details:

Brand: Sena
Model Name: 50 Series
Color: 50S w/ SOUND by Harman Kardon
Form Factor: On Ear
Connectivity Technology: Wireless, enabled by Bluetooth 5

Sena 50S

Key Features:

✅Premium Speakers & Microphone with SOUND BY Harman Kardon
One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom, Robust Reliability
Bluetooth 5 enabled
Voice-activated digital assistant access ("Hey Google"/"Hey Siri")
Fast Charging, 20 minutes of charging equals up to 2 hours Mesh or Bluetooth intercom
Automatic firmware updates via the included WiFi Adapter
A tried-and-true glove-friendly jog dial design

Sena 50S

Pros & Cons:

🟢Premium Harman Kardon Sound: The integration of Harman Kardon sound technology ensures an exceptional audio experience, enhancing the enjoyment of music and calls during rides.

🟢Mesh Intercom System: The one-click-to-connect mesh intercom offers a hassle-free way to communicate with other riders, making group rides more enjoyable and safer.

🟢Voice-Activated Digital Assistant: The hands-free access to digital assistants adds convenience and safety, allowing riders to stay connected without taking their hands off the handlebars.

🔴 Price: The Sena 50S with Sound by Harman Kardon is a premium headset, and the initial investment may be relatively high compared to other communication devices on the market.

🔴Availability: While the dual pack of Sena 50S is available, other purchase options such as the Headset + Adapter and Headset + Helmet Clamp kit may currently be unavailable, limiting some choices for potential buyers.

🔴Connectivity: Although the Sena 50S features Bluetooth 5, the connectivity range may still be limited in certain scenarios, especially in areas with obstacles or large distances between riders.

Sena 50S

Compare with similar items

1. Sena 50C

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast seeking the ultimate communication and camera system for your rides, look no further than the Sena 50C. This cutting-edge motorcycle communication and 4K camera system, integrated with Harman Kardon premium speakers and a top-notch microphone, promises an unparalleled riding experience. With its innovative mesh and Bluetooth intercom systems, voice-activated digital assistant access, and compatibility with a smartphone app, the Sena 50C is a game-changer in the world of motorcycle gear.

Key Features:

1. Harman Kardon Sound: Enjoy an exceptional audio experience on your rides with the Sena 50C's premium speakers and microphone, ensuring crystal-clear sound and hassle-free communication.

2. Mesh & Bluetooth Intercom: Stay connected with fellow riders effortlessly using the mesh and Bluetooth intercom systems, allowing rider-to-rider communication with ease and convenience.

3. Integrated 4K Camera: Capture every thrilling moment of your journey in stunning detail with the built-in 4K camera, ensuring you never miss any scenic views or exciting adventures.

Sena 50C

Pros & Cons:

✅Seamless Communication: The Sena 50C provides reliable and uninterrupted communication with its mesh technology, enabling a smooth connection even in large groups of riders.

Voice-Activated Digital Assistant: Stay focused on the road while accessing your digital assistant ("Hey Google"/"Hey Siri") with just your voice, making navigation and information retrieval hands-free.

Multilingual Voice Commands: With voice commands available in 8 languages, the Sena 50C ensures riders from diverse backgrounds can easily interact with the device and enjoy its features.

❌Price: While packed with features, the Sena 50C's premium functionality comes with a higher price point compared to other communication systems in the market.

Learning Curve: Mastering all the features and settings of the Sena 50C may take some time, especially for new users who are unfamiliar with advanced communication devices.

Battery Life: The integrated camera and advanced communication features may put a strain on the battery life, requiring frequent charging for long rides.

2. Sena 50R

For motorcycle enthusiasts in search of an advanced Bluetooth headset with exceptional sound quality, the Sena 50R is the perfect choice. This cutting-edge motorcycle communication device comes with premium speakers and a microphone powered by Harman Kardon, ensuring a superior audio experience. Equipped with a robust mesh intercom system, Bluetooth 5 technology, and voice-activated digital assistant access, the Sena 50R provides unmatched convenience and connectivity on the road.

Key Features:

1. SOUND by Harman Kardon: Enjoy top-notch audio clarity with the Sena 50R's premium speakers and microphone, delivering a rich sound experience that enhances your rides.

2. Mesh Intercom: Stay seamlessly connected with other riders using the mesh intercom system, allowing you to switch between 9 communication channels for versatile communication.

3. Rapid-Charging & Glove-Friendly Interface: With 30% faster rapid-charging capability and a glove-friendly three-button interface, the Sena 50R ensures you can quickly power up and effortlessly control the device while riding.

Sena 50R

Pros & Cons:

Superior Audio Quality: The integration of Harman Kardon technology guarantees high-fidelity sound, making communication and music playback a pleasure during your journeys.

Versatile Communication: The multi-channel protocol in Open Mesh enables smooth communication on different channels, enhancing flexibility and ensuring reliable connections with fellow riders.

Voice-Activated Digital Assistant: The Sena 50R simplifies your riding experience by allowing easy access to digital assistants ("Hey Google"/"Hey Siri") through voice commands, making navigation and information retrieval hands-free.

Price: As a premium Bluetooth headset with top-notch features, the Sena 50R may have a higher price point compared to basic communication devices on the market.

Learning Curve: The abundance of features and settings may require some time for new users to fully grasp and utilize, especially those unfamiliar with advanced communication devices.

Limited Options: While the Sena 50R offers various purchase options, some add-ons like the Helmet Clamp kit or Speakers might be available separately, requiring additional purchases.

3. Sena SPIDER ST1

Discover the power of seamless communication and enhanced audio quality with the Sena SPIDER ST1 Motorcycle Mesh Communication System. This impressive device comes in a single pack and is designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights. With a mesh intercom system that allows easy communication with up to 24 participants, a range of up to 5 miles, and the ability to switch between 9 channels, staying connected with fellow riders has never been more convenient. Equipped with upgraded HD speakers and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, this system ensures crystal-clear sound, music streaming, phone calls, and GPS navigation while you focus on the road ahead.

Key Features:

1. Mesh Intercom with Multi-Channel Open Mesh: Enjoy effortless communication with a simple single-button press, allowing you to connect with riders within an impressive range of up to 5 miles. The multi-channel open mesh enables seamless communication with an extensive number of riders and the option to switch between 9 channels, enhancing connectivity options.

2. Group Mesh Capability: The SPIDER ST1 supports up to 24 participants in a private group, making it ideal for large riding parties or group adventures, ensuring everyone stays connected throughout the journey.

3. Upgraded HD Speakers & Bluetooth 5.2: Experience an audio boost in volume, bass, and clarity with the optimized HD speakers, ensuring an immersive sound experience. The Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity lets you effortlessly pair your smartphone for music streaming, phone calls, and GPS navigation, keeping you in control while on the road.


Pros & Cons: 

Seamless Mesh Communication: The SPIDER ST1's mesh intercom system facilitates smooth and uninterrupted communication, even at a range of up to 5 miles, ensuring you can easily stay in touch with fellow riders.

Versatile Channel Options: With the ability to switch between 9 channels, the system allows you to connect with various groups of riders or switch to a private channel for focused communication within your own riding party.

Enhanced Audio Quality: The upgraded HD speakers provide an audio boost, delivering clear and crisp sound, enhancing your overall riding experience with quality music and call clarity.

Limited Range for Some Users: While the range of up to 5 miles is impressive, riders in areas with challenging terrain or dense obstructions may experience reduced communication range.

Group Size Limit: Although the system supports up to 24 participants in a private group, some larger riding groups may find this limit restrictive.

Learning Curve: For riders new to mesh communication systems, there may be a slight learning curve to fully understand and utilize all the features and capabilities.

4. Sena 30K

Elevate your motorcycle riding experience with the Sena 30K Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Mesh Communication System. This exceptional device, available in a single pack with HD speakers, offers seamless communication and a host of impressive features. With two modes of Mesh communication, including Open Mesh Intercom for near-unlimited users and Group Mesh Intercom for private groups of up to 24 participants, staying connected with fellow riders has never been easier. The 30K's Mesh 2.0 Intercom range extends up to 8 km with a minimum of 6 connected users, while Bluetooth Intercom provides a working distance of up to 2.0 km in open terrain. Paired with advanced noise control and Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, the Sena 30K ensures crystal-clear calls, immersive music, and reliable GPS navigation on your journeys.

Sena 30K

Key Features:

1. Two Modes of Mesh Communication: Experience the versatility of Open Mesh Intercom, allowing communication with an extensive number of users, and Group Mesh Intercom, enabling private conversations with up to 24 participants.

2. Extended Range: With the Mesh 2.0 Intercom technology, the communication range can be extended up to an impressive 8 km (5 miles) when connected with a minimum of 6 users, ensuring seamless connectivity during long rides.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity: Pair the 30K with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enjoy phone calls, music streaming, and GPS navigation, making your ride both enjoyable and convenient.

Sena 30K

Pros & Cons:

Enhanced Communication Options: The Sena 30K offers multiple Mesh communication modes, catering to different riding scenarios, whether it's riding with a large group or having private conversations with selected riders.

Long Intercom Range: The extended range of up to 8 km in Mesh mode ensures clear and reliable communication, ideal for riders who embark on long-distance group rides or adventures.

Premium HD Speakers: Equipped with Sena's premium HD speakers, the 30K delivers high-quality sound, providing an immersive audio experience for calls and music.

Price: While packed with advanced features, the Sena 30K comes at a higher price point compared to basic communication systems, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious riders.

Learning Curve: As a feature-rich device, mastering all the functions and settings of the 30K may require some time and practice, especially for riders new to advanced communication systems.

Bluetooth Distance Limit: While the Bluetooth Intercom works well up to 2.0 km in open terrain, obstructions and challenging landscapes may affect the communication range.

5. Sena 20S EVO

Introducing the Sena 20S EVO Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System, a state-of-the-art device designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights. With an impressive rating of 4.5 stars and over 2,600 reviews, this headset has earned Amazon's Choice for Powersports Bluetooth Headsets by Sena. The 20S EVO is the next generation of the original 20S, boasting an updated design and improved intercom functionality and stability to keep you seamlessly connected on your rides. Equipped with Sena's premium HD Speakers, this sleek device features a fixed type, shark fin antenna for enhanced intercom stability compared to its predecessor with a flip-up antenna.

Key Features:

1. Sena 20S EVO: The 20S EVO takes the original 20S to the next level, offering an updated design and improved intercom functionality, ensuring smooth and reliable communication throughout your journey.

2. Premium HD Speakers: Equipped with Sena's top-quality HD Speakers, the 20S EVO delivers crystal-clear sound, enhancing your overall audio experience during calls and music playback.

3. Enhanced Antenna Design: The sleek new fixed-type, shark fin antenna design ensures improved intercom stability, keeping you connected with fellow riders without interruptions.

Sena 20S EVO

Pros & Cons: 

Seamless Communication: The 20S EVO's updated intercom functionality ensures effortless communication with fellow riders, making group rides or adventures more enjoyable and connected.

High-Quality Audio: With Sena's premium HD Speakers, the 20S EVO provides exceptional sound quality, delivering clear and immersive audio during calls and music streaming.

Improved Antenna Stability: The fixed-type, shark fin antenna design enhances the headset's stability and reliability, allowing for smoother and uninterrupted communication on the road.

Price: As a feature-rich headset with premium HD Speakers, the Sena 20S EVO may have a higher price point compared to basic communication systems.

Learning Curve: Some users might find the advanced features and settings of the 20S EVO require a bit of time and practice to fully grasp and utilize effectively.

Antenna Aesthetics: While the fixed-type, shark fin antenna improves stability, some riders may have personal preferences regarding the aesthetic appearance of the antenna design.

Comparison Table:

Model50S50C50RSPIDER ST130K20S EVO
Bluetooth/MeshBluetooth & MeshBluetooth & MeshBluetooth & MeshMeshBluetooth & MeshBluetooth
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 4.1
Riders ConnectedOpen Mesh: Virtually Unlimited; Group Mesh: 24 RidersOpen Mesh: Virtually Unlimited; Group Mesh: 24 RidersOpen Mesh: Virtually Unlimited; Group Mesh: 24 RidersOpen Mesh: Virtually Unlimited; Group Mesh: 24 RidersOpen Mesh: Virtually Unlimited; Group Mesh: 24 RidersSupports up to 8 riders
Type of ControlJog DialJog Dial3-Button ControlJog DialJog DialJog Dial
Battery LifeBluetooth Talk Time: 12 Hour; Mesh Talk Time: 11 HourBluetooth Talk Time: 22 Hour; Mesh Talk Time: 12 HourBluetooth Talk Time: 13 Hour; Mesh Talk Time: 8 Hour12 Hour Talk TimeBluetooth Talk Time: 11 Hour; Mesh Talk Time: 10 Hour13 Hour Talk Time
Intercom DistanceBluetooth - Up to 1.6 km (1.0 mile); Mesh - Up to 8.0 km (5.0 miles)Bluetooth - Up to 1.6 km (1.0 mile); Mesh - Up to 2 km (1.2 miles)Bluetooth - Up to 1.6 km (1.0 mile); Mesh - Up to 8.0 km (5.0 miles)Up to 8 km (5 miles)Bluetooth - Up to 1.6 km (1.0 mile); Mesh - Up to 8.0 km (5.0 miles)Up to 2 km (1.2 mile)
Speaker TypePremium Harman Kardon SpeakersPremium Harman Kardon SpeakersPremium Harman Kardon Speakers7.2mm Premium HD Speakers7.2mm Premium HD Speakers7.2mm Premium HD Speakers
Microphone TypeBoom, Wired Boom, WiredWired Boom, WiredWired Boom, WiredWired Boom, WiredBoom, Wired Boom, WiredBoom, Wired Boom, Wired
Stand Out FeatureSOUND by Harman KardonCamera & SOUND by Harman KardonSOUND by Harman KardonMesh 2.0Mesh 2.0Audio Multitaskin

Customer Reviews:

Customer: Nadine Voss 
Stars: 4.0 out of 5 
Review: Nadine Voss highlighted two main concerns regarding the Sena 50R (SOUND by Harman Kardon) headset. She mentioned that her primary issue was not with the headset itself but rather due to a lack of communication at Harley Davidson regarding the compatibility with her desired wireless headset interface module. Additionally, she found it difficult to operate the buttons while wearing gloves, even though her gloves were not thick or bulky. Despite these challenges, Nadine praised the overall quality of the headset and had no complaints from that perspective.

Customer: Joey. 
Stars: 5.0 out of 5 
Review: Joey expressed great satisfaction with the Sena 50R (SOUND by Harman Kardon) headset. Within a week of using it on a half helmet, he was able to make and receive phone calls at a speed of 60 mph. Both the audio clarity for Joey and the person on the other end was excellent. Furthermore, Joey successfully installed a Lenink CarPlay Jumper on his motorcycle and seamlessly used voice commands to send texts, make phone calls, and access Siri. While he identified a sequence to follow before using the Sena, Joey was generally impressed with the headset's performance, with the only minor inconvenience being the need to touch the Sena button to answer calls.

Customer: Bryan 
Stars: 5.0 out of 5 
Review: Bryan's upgrade from a cheap GDM intercom to the Sena 50S w/ SOUND by Harman Kardon headset exceeded his expectations. He noted that the audio quality vastly improved, allowing him to hear music and communicate clearly with the person on the other end, even at high speeds. The integration with his iPhone's "Hey Siri" feature worked flawlessly, enabling him to initiate calls, send texts, and use GPS navigation while riding. Bryan praised the spinning dial's ease of use and appreciated the worry-free battery life. He expressed enthusiasm for trying out the mesh mode, suggesting an overall positive experience with the Sena 50S headset.

People Always Ask:

Q. What is the Sena 50S, and what does it offer? 
The Sena 50S is a cutting-edge Bluetooth communication device designed specifically for motorcyclists. It allows riders to make hands-free phone calls, communicate with other riders in a group, listen to music, receive GPS directions, and access voice commands, all while keeping their focus on the road.

Q. How many people can I connect to with the Sena 50S group intercom feature? 
The Sena 50S supports a group intercom feature that enables communication with up to 8 other riders within a range of approximately 1.2 miles (2 kilometers).

Q. Can I use the Sena 50S with my favorite helmet? 
Yes, the Sena 50S comes with various mounting options and is compatible with most helmet types. It includes a universal clamp kit and adhesive mount, making it easy to install on full-face, modular, and open-face helmets.

Q. Does the Sena 50S have noise-canceling technology? 
Yes, the Sena 50S features Advanced Noise Control™ to minimize external noise and enhance audio clarity, ensuring clear communication even in noisy environments.

Q. What is the battery life of the Sena 50S? 
The Sena 50S offers impressive battery life, with up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 7 days of standby time, ensuring it lasts through long rides.

Q. Can I connect my smartphone to the Sena 50S via Bluetooth? 
Absolutely! The Sena 50S can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to answer calls, listen to music, or get GPS directions wirelessly.

Q. Is the Sena 50S firmware upgradeable? 
Yes, Sena frequently releases firmware updates to improve performance and add new features. You can easily upgrade the device's firmware using the Sena Device Manager on your computer.

Final Thoughts: 

The Sena 50S is undoubtedly a game-changer for motorcyclists, offering seamless communication and entertainment options while promoting safety on the road. Its easy compatibility with various helmets, long battery life, and noise-canceling technology make it a top choice for riders of all kinds.

Call to Action: 

Experience the ultimate riding communication device with the Sena 50S! Stay connected with your riding buddies, enjoy your favorite tunes, and keep your focus on the road. Upgrade your riding experience today with the Sena 50S and make every journey memorable. Ride safe, stay connected!

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