Oura Smart Ring Generation 3

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Oura Smart Ring Generation 3

Oura Smart Ring Generation 3

  • Kawaii Queens. com For full inventory
  • Titanium: durable and wearable
  • Width: 7.9mm
  • SIZING GUIDE At Kawaii Queens. com for more specs


Each style has identical technical and hardware capabilities.

Water resistant up to 100 m (more than 328 ft.)
Lighter than a conventional ring (4 to 6 grams)
Titanium: durable and wearable
Includes size-specific charger and USB-C cable
With daily wear, the ring may develop scratches. Ring sensors should be on the palm side of your finger for the most accurate reading. To help ensure optimal positioning, Oura Horizon has a sleek, uninterrupted circular design with a pill-shaped dimple on the bottom, and Oura Heritage has a classic, plateau design with a flat surface on top. Membership- First month of membership is on us with your purchase. $5.99/mo afterwards.

Oura Smart Ring Generation 3

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Sleep, Readiness Activity scores are just the beginning. Members also get:


·         In-depth sleep analysis every morning

·         Personalized health insights recommendations

·         Live accurate heart rate monitoring

·         Skin temperature readings as a tool for early sickness detection period prediction

1 month of complimentary membership available to new members only. Offer does not apply to those who already have a Gen3 ring and account.

Membership is tied to your account accessible via the Oura App, not your physical ring. You can only have one email address connected per account.

Wellness Add tags to record an activity, feeling, or choice - then see how it affects your sleep and readiness.

Period Prediction

Track the changes in your body throughout your cycle and predict your period up to 30 days in advance.

Guided Audio Sessions

See how your body signals respond to over 50 audio sessions for meditation, sleep, focus, and recovery.

Oura Stickers

Add your Oura scores and achievements onto your photos to let friends know how you’re feeling.

Oura Smart Ring Generation 3

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