Apple Watch Series 5 - Black Sport Band

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Apple Watch Series 5 - Black Sport Band

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 44MM) Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band (Renewed)

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 44MM) Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band (Renewed)

The Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40MM) in Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band, available through Amazon Renewed, brings the power of a renewed Apple smartwatch at an attractive price point. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge features and a sleek design, the Series 5 is a compelling choice for those seeking a renewed yet high-quality wearable.


StyleBlack Sport Band
ColorSpace Gray, Black
Screen Size44 Millimeters
Special FeatureHeart Rate Monitor, GPS, Always On Display, Water Resistant, Music Player, Accelerometer
Age Range (Description)Adult
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Operating SystemWatchOS
Connectivity TechnologyCellular

Key Features

Always-On Retina Display: The Series 5 boasts an Always-On Retina display, ensuring that essential information is visible at a glance without the need to raise your wrist.

ECG App: Monitor your heart health with the ECG app, allowing for real-time electrocardiogram readings and enhanced heart health insights.

30% Larger Screen: Enjoy a more immersive experience with a 30% larger screen compared to previous models, providing ample space for notifications, apps, and complications.

Swimproof Design: The Series 5 is designed to be swimproof, making it suitable for water activities and ensuring durability against water exposure.

GPS and Built-in Compass: Navigate your surroundings effortlessly with built-in GPS and a compass, enhancing location accuracy and providing valuable data for outdoor activities.

Amazon Renewed Assurance: The product undergoes thorough inspection, testing, and refurbishment to meet Amazon Renewed standards, ensuring functionality and quality.

Pros & Cons

Cost-Effective Renewed Option
Always-On Display
Comprehensive Health Tracking
Limited Availability
Renewed Condition Variability
Potential Battery Wear

Comparison of Apple Watch Models: Series 5 (GPS, 40MM) vs. Series 5 (GPS, 44MM) vs. Series 4 (GPS, 40MM)

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44MM)

Screen Size: 44 Millimeters
Special Features: Always-On display, ECG app, 30% larger screen, Swimproof, GPS, Notifications, Accelerometer, Time Display, Water Resistant

Pros & Cons

Larger display for enhanced visibility 
ECG app for heart health monitoring 
Swimproof design 
Always-On display for convenience
Renewed condition variability 
Potential battery wear.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44MM)

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40MM)

Screen Size: 40 Millimeters
Special Features: Over 30% larger display, 50% louder speaker, Electrical and optical heart sensors, Digital Crown with haptic feedback, S4 SiP with faster 64-bit dual-core processor, Improved accelerometer and gyroscope for fall detection, Swimproof, watchOS 5

Pros & Cons

Larger display and louder speaker 
Advanced heart sensors 
Enhanced processor for improved performance
Swimproof design
Renewed condition variability 
Potential battery wear 
Limited availability

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40MM)


Screen Size: Series 5 (44MM) offers the largest display, providing a more immersive experience.

Special Features: All models have unique features like ECG app, Always-On display, and Swimproof design, with Series 4 emphasizing a larger display and enhanced speakers.

Pros: Each model has its advantages, such as Series 5 (44MM) with a larger display, Series 5 (40MM) with an Always-On display, and Series 4 with advanced sensors and a larger display.

Cons: Renewed condition variability and potential battery wear are common considerations across all models. Limited availability is a specific concern for Series 4.

Customer Reviews from the United States

Chase Dryden
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: September 4, 2023
Comment: Works as expected. Only downside with refurbished is the battery life, requiring a daily charge. Used primarily for cardio.

Zion Moulder
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: June 23, 2023
Comment: Works very well! Recommended for Apple and Smartwatch newcomers within the Apple ecosystem. Shipping had a slight delay, but the product arrived undamaged with easy setup.

Brock Curry
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: October 19, 2023
Comment: Minor screen scratches, but otherwise awesome. Refurbishment won this time!

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Date: August 26, 2023
Comment: Great watch despite being renewed. In great condition, except for the relatively low battery health, which may need service in the future.

Legit Reviews
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: October 29, 2023
Comment: Wonderful watch without blemishes or scratches. Like new, as advertised, and performs as described. Impressed by its water release feature.

Brandi Hill
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: October 18, 2023
Comment: Fast shipping, initial charging was quick. Great purchase, works as if purchased from Apple directly. Highly recommended.

Marty Lucatuorto
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Date: October 24, 2023
Comment: Good fit. A positive review for the watch.

Bottom Line

The Apple Watch Series 5 with a Black Sport Band combines style and functionality, offering an Always-On Retina display, ECG app, and a swimproof design. Whether for fitness tracking or staying connected, the Series 5 delivers a seamless experience in a sleek package, making it an excellent choice for smartwatch enthusiasts.

People Also Ask

Is the Black Sport Band adjustable? A: Yes, the Black Sport Band is designed to be adjustable, providing a comfortable and secure fit for various wrist sizes.

Can I use third-party bands with the Apple Watch Series 5? A: Yes, the Apple Watch Series 5 supports interchangeable bands, allowing you to personalize your watch with a variety of third-party bands available on the market.

Is the Always-On display customizable? A: While the Always-On Retina display remains on for convenience, its content is optimized to preserve battery life. Users can customize watch faces for both the active and dimmed modes.

How water-resistant is the Series 5 for swimming? A: The Apple Watch Series 5 has a swimproof design, meaning it is water-resistant and suitable for swimming. However, it's important to note that certain activities, like scuba diving, may exceed its water resistance capabilities.

Does the ECG app require a separate subscription? A: No, the ECG app is included as a built-in feature with the Apple Watch Series 5 and does not require a separate subscription. It provides users with valuable insights into their heart health.

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